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IMA ZERO at Interpack 2023  

The green element comes to life with the IMA ZERO program: the promise that IMA renews to all its stakeholders; the promise of a constant, virtuous and sustainable approach to the future, in which the Group highlights its awareness that today’s commitment will make the difference in tomorrow’s world

IMA is bringing a part of its OPENLab on show!

A small laboratory on the stand that illustrates the analysis and research of packaging materials carried out in the Group’s network of laboratories.

In the OPENLab corner, you will have the opportunity to run some test on your material sample and pack,

Bring them with you!

What tools will be available on our stand?

OPENLab tools on show

Perkin Elmer Infrared Spectrometer

Identification of the material’s chemical nature through the absorption of the infrared radiation. At our OPENLab corner, it will be possible to analyse only materials’ outer surfaces.

The combination of this tool and the Leica Optical Microscopy should give an idea of how many and which layers the material consists of. A few cm2 are enough to carry out such analysis.

Leica Optical Microscopy

Stratigraphy (count and measure of the layers of which a material is made), surface analysis, defects’ analysis with potential measurement of elements of interest. Objectives 5x – 10x – 20x – 50x.

The combination of this tool and the Perkin Elmer Infrared Spectrometer should give an idea of how many and which layers the material consists of. A few cm2 are enough to carry out such analysis.

Aneolia Exos

The third tool applies on the final packaging, finished and sealed.

Test on the final packaging of:

  • hermetic seal
  • burst test
  • measurement of the remaining oxygen and/or CO2 inside the package (for example, when the atmosphere is modified to preserve aromas).

Discover our sustainable technology on show

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  • NOP
  • LOW

Machines belonging to the NOP project integrate the latest solutions developed in terms of eco-friendly and recyclable materials, where OPENLab plays a central role.

NOP means we promote eco-friendly plastic substitutes for the packages manufactured on IMA machines.

After the recent green light in Strasbourg by the European Parliament, the directive limiting the use of various disposable plastic items requires new automatic machines capable of lowering the use of plastic in packaging. Together with our partners, we foster plastic-free, compostable or biodegradable materials, recyclable and/or more sustainable plastic-based materials, through the research and testing of alternative processes. 

Machines belonging to the LOW project are designed to reduce energy consumption and minimise production waste.

LOW is our commitment to increasing IMA’s sustainable practices to preserve resources.

Over the years, we have been incorporating this concept both in our organisation and development policies, for constant adoption and conception of innovative low impact technologies:
• We have started setting water and electric consumption standards for all our new machines, developing innovative production methods.
• New IMA plants are designed to use renewable energy resources and to minimise waste and consumption.