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Discover IMA Digital solutions, virtual tools and smart services, designed to make production increasingly efficient and geared towards concrete sustainability. Discover the real advantages of a digital approach.

Turn on your Smart Factory at Interpack 2023!

Do you already know which digital solution best suits your needs to increase the efficiency of your plants, better support your maintenance activities, equip your operators with the best skills to manage your installed base?


Come and visit our Hall 17, and immerse yourself in our range of digital solutions for manufacturing.


At Interpack we will be present with a real Control Room, a space dedicated to the monitoring services and remote control of the installed base.

Make an appointment to discover how our experts are able to support customers by guiding them in more efficient and effective management of their equipment.

Come to our booth and immerse yourself in the future of Digital Manufacturing.


Artificial intelligence is now a concrete part of the manufacturing reality, which can be applied and used to improve plant performance and enhance production.

Schedule an appointment with our artificial intelligence experts to see how the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications we have developed help in achieving production goals.

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Effective training is the most powerful means of providing the right skills to your operators, so they can better manage your production lines.

At IMA, we have structured specific training modes, without necessarily relying on the presence of a machine. The technologies we use, including immersive technologies, can enhance learning beyond classic training experiences to deliver new skills to your operators through faster, tracked and safer ways.

Come and talk about it with our expert trainers.


Thanks to the experience gained in recent years in the use of virtual commissioning and digital twin technologies, IMA explore the new dimension of an industrial metaverse.

An environment designed to converge in parallel activities such as systems design, development and control, but also IoT connection of machines for preventive production monitoring and verification.

Discover all the IMA Digital Technologies on show at Interpack 2023

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Do you know how to receive your machines sooner?

That’s right, thanks to the most advanced technologies we are able to design the machines your production needs, already testing the same systems in dedicated virtual environments.

This allows us to optimise and shorten design timelines, ensuring faster delivery of machines to you. This also allows us to actively collaborate with our customers during the design process.

Learn more about this topic with our experts.

Do you know how to receive your machines sooner?

Do you know how to train your operators without the use of a machine?

Equipping operators with the right skills is certainly one of the most important steps if you want to keep your production in balance and good health. But how to do it best, without interfering with ongoing activities and using tools that can help contain costs and times? IMA Digital has created a wide range of solutions designed to be efficient:

  • without using equipment, but based on the skills that distinguish us, in turn enhanced by digital tools such as interactive platforms
  • on board the machine, using tools able to continue training the operator even when he is busy with daily activities.

The training sessions can also be guided by expert trainers, creating digital classes in person or remotely, guaranteeing 360° support.

Do you know how to train your operators without the use of a machine?

Do you know how to remotely monitor your machines, with the support of AI?

Production is the beating heart of any company. And as such it must be managed to the best of the company’s ability, with strategies and tools capable of ensuring maximum efficiency.

Our platforms will allow you to monitor your installed base in real time and remotely, and the Artificial Intelligence Algorithms we have developed will allow you to receive guidance and get a glimpse into the future, seeing what is about to happen.

With comprehensive and in-depth monitoring, we are also able to provide you with 24/7 immediate first support in managing your plant problems and ticketing and alerting services to help keep your installed base monitored.

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Do you know how to remotely monitor your machines, with the support of AI?

Do you know how to protect your machines from cybersecurity attacks?

In a digitally connected world, it makes sense to activate security measures that prevent cyber damage to your production. How much do you know about cybersecurity? The IMA Group, in parallel with its connecting plants for monitoring, has implemented secure and tested strategies aimed at total protection from cyberattacks to protect its customer’s installed base and production data. And in order to do this, we actively cooperate with a high-profile Israeli partner, with whom we have created an unrivalled hardware and software solution.

Come and talk to us about it at the trade show.

Do you know how to protect your machines from cybersecurity attacks?

Do you know how to make your maintenance activities more efficient?

Machines are the key and strategic element of all operations. Have you implemented all the concrete strategies and actions to maintain and manage your machines in the best possible way, in order to obtain maximum quality and production capacity?

Come and talk to our experts about the solutions that can protect you from the most common malfunctions and those most harmful to your production. Digital Operational Guides, Digital Maintenance Guides and Digital Troubleshooting can be the optimal solutions, available on different types of platforms, to better manage the installed base, also with a view to solving problems encountered on the systems.    

Do you know how to make your maintenance activities more efficient?

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