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The Open House event at IMA North America factory just ended. Visitors experienced smart, fast and ultra-innovative machines to make processing and packaging more efficient and reliable as well as cutting edge solutions never before seen.

IMA Pharma: expertise and technology where it matters.

When it comes to One-Stop-Supplier for the Pharmaceutical Industry, we talk about IMA Pharma. We are known not only for our huge range of products but also for being a reliable partner with whom to develop, plan and implement production facilities.

IMA Pharma, with its highly specialized divisions such as IMA Active (Solid Dose Solutions), IMA Life (Aseptic Processing & Freeze Drying Solutions), IMA Safe (Packaging Solutions) and IMA BFB (End of Line Solutions), ensure maximum technical competence combined with a smooth production. The result is skills and knowledge synergistically converged for complete packaging projects.

Do not miss the opportunity for a deep dive and discover the widest range of processing and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry offered by a unique and single supplier.

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Tablet presses

Complete separation between processing and mechanical areas, robust structure and compression force up to 100 kN both in pre and main compression, automated lubrication and user friendly HMI: these are the hallmarks behind the success of PREXIMA tablet presses in the pharmaceutical market. Great accessibility and easy cleaning contain down times to a minimum, driving productivity to a higher level of efficiency.

Two models will be demonstrated:

* PREXIMA 300 single-sided tablet press for medium production output.

* PREXIMA 800 for high output and double-sided or double layer production.

Coating pan

IMA wide range of coating equipment with both solid and perforated pan can offer a solution to any manufacturing need: powder layering, sugar and film coating. The shape of the drum and the patented design and position of the baffles ensure delicate and optimal mixing for the perfect distribution of the coating solution. Automated machine loading and unloading can be fitted.

A PERFIMA LAB will be demonstrated: characterized by small overall dimensions, the machine ensures easy scale-up. Thanks to its interchangeable drum, it is possible to work a wide range of batch sizes.

Weight checking machine

Featuring an extremely compact design and suitable for in-line connection with all capsule fillers currently on the market, PRECISA ensures the 100% weight control and selection of pharmaceutical products packed in hard gelatin and HPMC capsules.

The reliable system for the product transfer to the weighing cells minimizes vibration for the most accurate weight control even at very high production speed.

Electronic tablet counting system

SWIFTVISION II counters are designed for both the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, providing a high level of count accuracy, proven reliable technology and a high cGMP standard to avoid the risk of cross contamination and simplify the cleaning procedure.

SWIFTVISION II counting machines offer solutions from 60 bottles/minute or 6,000 tablets/min. to 120 bottles/minute or 12,000 tablets/min.

With SWIFTVISION II the highest level of count accuracy is granted by different counting technology solutions available (Optical sensor or E.F.S. sensor) which are also able to perform under difficult conditions.

Electronic tablet counters

Higher output in a compact footprint, integrated counter and conveyor, a smart design for tool-less release of product contact parts for quick and easy cleaning are, together with a proven counting technology, the key factors that take the SWIFTPHARM 2 series to the next level.

The electronic counters are available in Single or Twin Head version.

Production speed: up to 240 bottles/min. or 24,000 tablets/min.

Integrated tablet counting system

Designed for maximum flexibility with no product or bottle change parts, UNILINE can be changed over very quickly and start up immediately at production speed for high OEE even when running small batches. The balcony design provides easy cleanability and visibility with no hidden entrapment points. Compact design fits in a fraction of the space of traditional equipment.

With UNILINE, the highest level of count accuracy is granted by different counting technology solutions available (Optical sensor and E.F.S. – Electronical field sensor) which are able to work also under difficult conditions.

New tube filling machine series

Born to repeat the success of the extraordinary C960-C970 series, the new C1060-C1075 family comes to the market with experience enough to maintain its supremacy in the medium speed tube filling segment.

The approach to development of this model was based on throughout fine-tuning, introducing substantial upgrades while retaining its innate design flexibility to deal with several applications.

Thus the new C1060-C1075 series still remains the “quintessence” of reliability, ergonomy and ease of use: this recipe for success remains unvaried, as well as the concept of “top class performance in compact size”.

Continuous motion cartoner

FLEXA, multipurpose cartoning machine is one of the most compact machines in its range with an ergonomic design that assures ease of loading of packaging materials.

FLEXA, besides being very flexible in terms of carton configurations and dimensions, is also extremely versatile in packing the widest range of products thanks to IMA Safe feeding systems both for Pharma and Extra Pharma fields.

FLEXA series is available in either intermittent or continuous motion.

Compact carton labeler

The SENSITIVE AP400 COMPACT is IMA LIFE’s latest development in the field of carton labelling. Its reduced overall length of 1.400 mm allows effective and valuable integration in extremely challenging packaging lines, where space availability and high speed requirements are the foremost prerequisites to cope with. The SENSITIVE AP400 C guarantees the installation of up to three labelling heads for the application of a wide range of self-adhesive labels on the top or bottom of cartons and tamper evident seals on the carton flaps. Thanks to the high flexibility of this modular unit, the most advanced overprinting and vision systems for Track & Trace compliance and Serialization accountability can be completely integrated.

Top-loading case packer combined to pallettizer for medium and high speeds

It has been conceived to assure maximum flexibility in handling different types of product such as loose bottles (with topserts, sideserts, unusually shaped bottles), cartons and bundles.

Perfect when space is limited at the end of a bottle line, but also when smooth handling is a must, even for difficult or unusual shapes. This servo-driven, top loading case-packer and palletizer features innovative solutions with maximum attention to ergonomics and easy and quick changeover.

MS 250
Stretch banding machine

The MS250 is a very compact collating and stretch-banding machine designed to offer high-speed production and simple operation.
The machine is characterized by a balcony structure to enable maximum accessibility to all its parts for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Tool-free size changeover takes just 5 minutes with digital indicators to assist with adjustments. Ergonomic design with shaft featuring quick expansion lock device allows for rapid film reel change. For shrink wrapping the machine can be coupled with shrinking tunnel. High-speed stacking, carton tilting can also be integrated into this high-performance unit.

CP 18
Side loader casepacker

The CP18 automatic casepacker incorporates a new concept which makes it particularly suitable for the packaging of individual or bundled cartons into pre-glued RS cases.
The product stacking operation is performed in front of the main pusher which makes the machine footprint extremely compact and ideal in case of space restrictions at the end of the line. The cantilever design on both sides of the machine ensures great accessibility and easy cleaning. The case is positively erected and held in position on two sides during the product loading operation. The case is then delivered to the closing station by a set of driven lugs to keep the case as square as possible.

Case closure can be done with adhesive tape or with hot-melt glue. Size change-over takes only a few minutes to perform and does not require the use of any tools. Fine adjustments can be made thanks to digital indicators. The machine is equipped with a horizontal case magazine which ensures greater autonomy.
Suitable for track and trace purposes: the CP18 can be equipped with liftable pusher to give total visibility of carton layer, labelling module, rejection system.

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Discover IMA DIGITAL: a project for PROCESSING and PACKAGING 4.0

IMA DIGITAL is the company’s new comprehensive project to tackle the digitization challenge that is transforming the manufacturing world. Businesses face unprecedented disruption.

Meet IMA Digital @Open House

IMA DIGITAL is the company’s new comprehensive project to tackle the digitization challenge that is transforming the manufacturing world. Businesses face unprecedented disruption.

IMA’s leadership in terms of innovation and technology imposes a highly competitive position also in the challenges of Industry 4.0.

By giving additional value to the packaging industry with empowered machines and services created to deliver predictive and personalized customer’s experiences across all over the value chain.

You will ride through a technological tour in the streamline of digital innovation where technology serves our processes and our products.

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