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IMA is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of automatic machinery used in the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals products. Thanks to its high technological profile and the ability to offer tailor-made solutions, IMA can satisfy the most sophisticated requests of the different reference markets.

In fact, the constant research, together with the development of innovative solutions, are the hallmarks of a highly competitive group in the global pharmaceutical market. 

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Intermittent motion capper. ICM-2 capping machine is designed to apply the screw on cap and close the bottle using a clutch with quick release pneumatically operated mechanically gripping chucks.
Capping your bottles, easily
timer Up to 50 bottles/min
Integrated counting system. UNILINE is a conveying, filling and capping system that flexibility integrates the functions required to form a complete counting line: container loading, desiccant insertion, counting and filling, cotton insertion, capping, rejection.
UNILINE, fast track your counting system
timer Up to 150 bottles/min or 12,000 tablets/min
Integrated counting system. MINILINE is a bottle transport, filling and capping system that can integrate all the functions required to form a complete counting line with a simple and superior footprint: desiccant inserting, tablet or capsule counting, cotton inserting and capping.
Mini space, maxi possibilities
timer Up to 50 bottles/min or 6,000 tablets/min
Electronic tablet counter. SWIFTPHARM 2 is a versatile counting/filling system to pack a variety of products accurately at high speed, and requires few or no change parts to allow maximum productivity.
Taking electronic tablet counting to the next level
timer Up to 120 bottles/min or 12,000 tablets/min
Electronic counting systems. SVIII is a versatile counting/filling system to pack a variety of products accurately at speed, and requires few or no change parts to allow maximum productivity.
Leading technology in tablet and capsule counting
timer Up to 60 bottles/min or 6,000 tablets/min
Electronic tablet counter. The TB4+ is a stainless steel electronic tablet counter that offers an extremely versatile and accurate method of counting of most shapes of tablet, capsule, dragee hard and soft gelatine capsules.
Versatile and precise counting machine for a wide range of products
Slat counter. The Nova SL-39 is a slat counter designed to meet the demand for quick and easy cleaning. In addition, this counter is available with an optional innovative replacement filling head to drastically reduce the changeover time of the machine.
More than a counting system
timer Up to 400 bottles/min or 40,000 tablets/min
Table top tablet and capsule counter. The SWIFTCHECK and SWIFTCOUNT are designed to feed and count any size, shape or quantity of tablets without change parts. Moreover, Swiftcheck’s quality control is the ideal unit to check the counting precision of filled containers in a whole packaging line.
Your counting needs in mind
The EKC is a tablet counting device for Automated Pharmacy applications and forms part of an integrated tablet counting and filling system in which a central controller commands multiple EKC units.
The perfect solution for high volume mail-order pharmacies and central fill and specialty systems
Tablet elevator. The IMA Swiftpack SWIFTLIFT Tablet Elevator has been designed to transport product from a floor mounted hopper to a tablet counter, blister packing machine or similar.
Specialist in efficiency
In line sorter - Linear unscrambler. ILS-1 is a new linear unscrambler with integrated bulk hopper, ionized air rinse and inspection for highly efficient bottle feeding.
Finally, a flexible and efficient bottle unscrambler that exceeds expectations
timer Up to 300 bottles/min
Rotary Unscrambler
Rotary Unscrambler
Automatic bottle unscrambler. This Series has been designed to handle a wide range of plastic bottles and is available in 3 sizes dependant upon output. This fully guarded machine is constructed to meet the latest requirements for GMP.
Smart solution to complete your line
timer Up to 180 bottles/min
Bottle Blower
Bottle Blower
Inline bottle cleaner. The IMA Swiftpack in line Bottle Blower machine has been designed to meet the highest level of GMP in keeping with the stringent requirements set by the pharmaceutical industry.
Take care of your quality
timer Up to 180 bottles/min
Desiccant Inserter
Desiccant Inserter
Desiccant inserting machine. A wide range of solutions, which include centrifugal desiccant inserter and multiple fill desiccant machines, are available.
The desiccant inserter tailored to your needs
Cotton inserting machine. The COTTONER Series utilizes an inverted “U” technique of inserting cushioning material into containers maintaining the product integrity for a cleaner packing process which eliminates stray wisps of cotton.
The perfect handling for your cotton
timer Up to 300 bottles/min
Rotary Capper Range
Rotary Capper Range
Rotary capper systems. A flexible range of cappers that can handle both screw or press-on caps with ease on round or irregular shaped containers. Models are available in 3 heads for low speed applications and fully integrated models, in 4, 6, 8 and 10 head versions for high speeds.
Now more than ever, the capper for you
timer Up to 300 bottles/min
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