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Preserve data confidentiality, system operations and operator's safety with A4GATE, the unique and integrated hardware and software solution against cyber attacks. 

In recent years, cyber security has become a dominant theme in the manufacturing world. Cyber attacks are increasingly frequent and put data, systems and people at risk.
The problem is now solved with A4GATE, the integrated hardware and software solution to protect data confidentiality, system operations and operator safety.


  • is the safe place between your smart machines and external remote uncontrolled accesses;
  • integrates fundamental functions for the world of smart machines. This hardware and software solution configures edge components of IOT software in order to make full use of the security features;
  • manages over 150 interface protocols (OPCxx, MQTT, HTTP, HTTP/S…) as well as situations of network failure and electrical continuity.

Technical Features

  • The system collects data from the smart components of the machine through the IoT edge software.
  • Collected data are transmitted externally and in real-time to the IMA Control Room or IMA Sentinel.
  • The system allows only one-way flow, making it impossible to trace the flow itself.
  • From the outside there is no possibility to access the machine.

Manual Control

If it is necessary to enter temporarily from the outside for maintenance, A4GATE is equipped with a switch capable of opening a network path from outside to inside, to be activated manually and with supervision, with active monitoring and logging through the Control room of what is happening. Opening is timed with a configurable interval.

Re-validation and re-certification

A4GATE allows to avoid systems re-validation and re-certification after updates of the software security levels of the PLC/HMI components.

IMA Remote Assistance

A4GATE can be configured as a hotspot to provide external connectivity to tools aimed at remote services. The system maintains the complete safety of the machine to which the operator is connected.


Preserve data confidentiality, system operations and operator's safety

A4GATE is a safe solution tested and approved by



A4GATE obtained the Security Level Assessment IEC62443-4-2, SL2
The solution does not expose any service and it can be considered as immune to direct attacks; beyond this first protection level, there is a physical protection level ensured by the Datadiode card.”

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IMA Sentinel is the platform to autonomously monitor machine conditions in real-time 24/7, collecting raw data and translating them into meaningful and valuable information.

Sentinel provides: Intelligent and dynamic action lists for the operator to help improve efficiency, machine data statistics for smart line harmonization, real average performance for accurate production planning.

Monitor whenever you are your installed base with IMA Sentinel.


The Industry 4.0 model cannot ignore the data and the value they can generate. Connections via digital networks, information organization and interpretation are the ways to obtain optimized production results through event analysis, preventive and predictive maintenance.

IMA Group has carried out various projects regarding the interconnectivity of machines, creating services and products capable of optimizing the user experience of the plants. Thanks to the Control Room services, the customer is able to increase the plant efficiency through the use of detailed reports, specific alerts and general support 24/7 for taking charge of operational problems.


Data Rooms, secure in-cloud environments where production data can be saved, are becoming an increasingly important element in the companies’ production strategy. ​​

IMA Data Room is the in cloud protected and safe virtual space where all information are collected and stored through IIOT technologies and where the data analysis software programs reside.

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