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Data Rooms, secure in-cloud environments where production data can be saved, are becoming an increasingly important element in the companies' production strategy.

In today’s production and economic landscape, Data Rooms are acquiring ever greater importance. Storing and organizing the amount of information and data that are constantly produced within the production flows in a safe place and in such a way that they are easily accessible has become essential.

And this is where the IMA Data Rooms come into play, virtual spaces in cloud where all information are collected and stored through IIOT technologies and where the data analysis software programs reside.

Throughout these protected digital spaces (located in production facilities or on cloud platforms) data are collected and preserved from cyber attacks, ready to be analyzed and re-processed to generate new technological solutions and improve production results.


  • Technology based on PTC ThingWorx
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Data-lake based on Influx DB and PostgreSQL
  • Secure access via API only
  • Modularity and scalability
  • Historicalization on secondary systems
  • Customer segregation


The technology on which Data Room is developed and maintained is IIoT Thingworx platform, created from PTC, worldwide market-leader.
ThingWorx simultaneously removes technical barriers to the IIoT implementation, with an emphasis on practical solutions that deliver value quickly:

  • Accelerated Innovation
  • Edge Connector (KepServer & EMS)
  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Latest generation technologies

The environment and technological solutions offer all the components necessary to collect, manage and analyze the data collected from the field, solving all technical problems and leaving room for the development of the application that generates value.


Thingworx IIoT Platform is based on Azure cloud technology, provided with the highest quality services for the management of digital platforms.

Always up-to-date services and security patches

All software renewals and updates are managed automatically so as to always ensure maximum security of the IT infrastructure.

Keeping your data safe

One of the most advanced and secure cloud data storage services on the market that uses the most up-to-date security protocols to encrypt corporate data.

Integrated disaster recovery and backup

Azure Backup Services save files, folders, virtual machines, applications and workflows to the cloud while Azure Site Recovery provides a backup site for internal servers and workflows.


Data ingestion is managed by Influx-DB, a latest generation times-series database developed by MIT, which offers inimitable performance for time series data:

  • High performance in writing and reading
  • Very little disk space occupied
  • Free schema, defined by the data entered
  • Rollup of data to reduce the granularity of the information over time.


The information generated by the Data Room algorithms can only be retrieved through specific APIs, which comply with the highest cyber security standards.

This architecture offers maximum flexibility and scalability of the service, thus guaranteeing a single focal point that stores, processes and prepares the data received from the field and makes them available to any fixed or mobile device that has the right of access.


The Data Room guarantees customer segregation of data through cyber security policies and access managed by differentiated permissions that prevent unauthorized access.

All accesses are tracked and managed securely.

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In recent years, cyber security has become a dominant theme in the manufacturing world. Hacker attacks are increasingly frequent and put data, systems and people at risk.

The problem is now solved with A4GATE, the integrated hardware and software solution to protect data confidentiality, system operations and operator safety.

A4GATE is the safe place between your smart machines and external remote uncontrolled accesses.


IMA Sentinel is the platform to autonomously monitor machine conditions in real-time 24/7, collecting raw data and translating them into meaningful and valuable information.

Sentinel provides: Intelligent and dynamic action lists for the operator to help improve efficiency, machine data statistics for smart line harmonization, real average performance for accurate production planning.

Monitor whenever you are your installed base with IMA Sentinel.


The Industry 4.0 model cannot ignore the data and the value they can generate. Connections via digital networks, information organization and interpretation are the ways to obtain optimized production results through event analysis, preventive and predictive maintenance.

IMA Group has carried out various projects regarding the interconnectivity of machines, creating services and products capable of optimizing the user experience of the plants. Thanks to the Control Room services, the customer is able to increase the plant efficiency through the use of detailed reports, specific alerts and general support 24/7 for taking charge of operational problems.

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