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Ilapak Delta OF 360X - variable geometry concepts

Currently on the market it is possible to find many kinds of heat sealable Paper packaging materials which can very much differ one to the other in term of composition and processability on a HFFS machines:



Some of them are easily processable (under the unwinding, folding and forming point of view) with a standard machine configuration.

Many others show big troubles during the run and are often subjected to breakages during forming/unwinding operations:



OPENLab’s study on the possible causes:

  1. Coefficient Of Friction – COF – packaging/packaging or packaging/machine parts
  2. Packaging Mechanical properties
  3. Contact surface area between packaging and machine parts
  4. Geometry of forming box
  5. Packaging feeding inclination to folding/forming box
  6. Position of pulling rollers with respect to folding/forming box
    Outcome: Correlation between the value of tensile strength at break CD, Paper breakage and machine configuration


These observations along with team-work with Technical Mechanical Office led to variable geometry concept patenting (adjustable packaging feeding inclination and position of pulling roller, folding box special geometry).



All mounted as modules of Ilapak Delta OF 360X:


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