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Characterization of PVC-free blister formable materials vs classical PVC based ones: a step towards greener pharmaceutical packaging.

Stratigraphy @20x.

Overall and single layers thicknesses of PE-based material (left) and PVC-based material (right).


DSC analysis

Melting peaks of different layers (LDPE-HDPE@110-128 °C, PA@221-222 °C, PVC@268°C) useful for defining sealing conditions and polymer types.


Tensile properties

Tensile mechanical behaviour: the PE-based sample appear to be “softer” (less rigid, with higher elongation at break) than the PVC one. This may lead to different mechanical response on forming step.



When a new material is being tested on machines, different behaviours than classical materials could be explained by physico-chemical and mechanical lab analysis. Some results may give some hints on the counter-measures to take in order to efficiently process those new materials.