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Paper-based packaging: a sustainable solution for organic chocolate bars

Adopt a compostable material and improve shelf life of chocolate without compromising its quality.

Machine engineering to process the film at comparable speed with respect to standard materials with the possibility to use modified atmosphere packaging.

Design of a paper-based high gas/moisture barrier industrial compostable film

Problem 1: Paper-based materials have higher coefficient of friction and rigidity due to fibers packing -> Parts consumption and material breaks.
Solution: folding box re-thinking both in shape and surface treatment to reduce friction effects and smoothen the bending forces.

Problem 2: standard sealing jaws micro-punctured the material.

Micro-fractures could not be detected at first. Only monitoring the O2 content over time revealed that the gas was slowly entering.

Solution: re-thinking of jaws profile (smoother) avoided puncturing, while maintaining good sealing properties.

The O2 content over time remained low, showing the disappearance of micro-holes.

Problem 3: hot sealing bars could partially melt the product inside.
Solution: ultrasonic sealing to avoid the consequences of heat application on the product.

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