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Post published on 15/04/2021

Digital documentation for increasingly advanced production

The dematerialization of processes and document digitization are among the actions that most contribute to generating efficiency within organizations. Manuals in particular have always played a key role, acting as a compass for internal production flows, from assembly to maintenance, from technical assistance to the daily management of production plants.

Over time, and in particular with the aim of finding alternative ways to create effective documentation, new paths have been taken to transform manuals from simple documents to digital solutions to increase usability and usability.

The opportunity to talk about it will be the Workshop promoted by CRIT, a private company specializing in the research and analysis of technical-scientific information, scheduled for April 22 on a virtual platform.

The working group, in which Paolo Colombo – Processes & ICT platforms Integration Manager, Giorgia Gentile – Documentation processes Project Manager and Claudio Marcheselli – Manager Applied will take part as referents, will analyze the initiatives and trends for the creation ofincreasingly digital documentation advanced, conditio sine qua non to automatically create and keep updated the new interactive products of industry 4.0: from e-commerce to operational guides, from APPs for production up to training structured on different phases.

Among the topics addressed during the workshop, in addition to dematerialization, IMA speakers will share their experience gained in terms of new user-side interaction methods for better technological adoption, of the potential inherent in the development of natively digital manuals usable via web or mobile apps also available in off-line mode, of architectures and processes to ensure always perfectly updated documentation, illustrating the different approaches aimed at easier document consultation and finally deepening the aspect of integrations with the source platforms of the information and the inherent potential in e-commerce, with a particular eye on the machinery directive.

More info about the Workshop here>>

"Documentazione tecnica digitale e fruizione multicanale" Workshop

April 22, from 16:00 to 17:00 pm

Paolo Colombo – Processes & ICT platforms Integration Manager
Giorgia Gentile – Documentation processes Project Manager
Claudio Marcheselli – Manager Applied