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Chairman's message

Dear Readers, Presenting IMA’s Sustainability Report is one of the duties that I appreciate most as CEO and Chairman of the Group.

I say this because I am extremely aware of the fact that the efforts that a company makes are not only quantitative, measurable in terms of products and economic results. Certainly these are important aspects, a sign of market success. But there are also aspects of the business that define its quality, social role and commitment to being respectful of new rights.

In this context, even though IMA has delisted from the Milan Stock Exchange and is therefore not required to publish a Consolidated Non-Financial Report annually, we have decided to produce a Sustainability Report that meets all the requirements to gain formal certification.

This is a voluntary choice that has various motivations:

– to satisfy the requests of end-users of IMA products and services, who are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues and respect for people, especially gender equality;
– to describe the Company’s social engagement in the areas where our production plants are located;
– to focus the attention of all stakeholders on the virtuous relationship between the various players in the supply chain, which merges large companies and a network of suppliers into one;
– to communicate IMA’s commitment and sensitivity towards issues of global interest, such as the progressive contribution to decarbonisation, underlining the effort also made in 2021 with the development of an ISO 14064-1 certified Emissions Management System to monitor the trend and identify the areas with the greatest impact, so that we can intervene;
– to consider the Sustainability Report as a tool for disseminating Group practices.

In conclusion, I consider this document as a contract between ourselves and the local/global community, as well as the best way to present ourselves to the markets and to society in general.

The pandemic, wars and social conflicts must not distract us from the best cure for reconstruction:
building the business of the future on a human scale, one that is respectful of the environment, consumers and workers.

The Chairman

Alberto Vacchi

Alberto Vacchi, Chairman & CEO