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Chairman's message

Entry into force of Legislative Decree 254 dated 30 December 2016 marked a new beginning for companies, which must now disclose their commitment to the environment and society in general.
Beyond discussing the voluntary commitment made to the environment and society, however worthy, the presentation of a Non-Financial Report also requires the completion of a validation process within the established regulatory framework.
Environmental matters and assessment of the role played by IMA S.p.A. in society have been central to the strategic agenda of the Group for many years.
We are profoundly aware that, as a major company and the focal point of a complex supply chain, we must make every effort to comply with all the regulations in place to protect the environment and individuals.
The new-found values and rights are agreed upon and shared by the market and by consumers in general as well. Accordingly, investment in sustainable production processes is, in addition to being both an obligation and a virtuous behaviour, a competitive opportunity that modern companies cannot ignore.
It is no longer sufficient to invent, design and produce reliable products and services of the highest quality. It is also necessary to describe transparently the production processes, the supply chains and its many actors, the impact of all this activity on the environment and, above all, the overall conditions in which the persons involved have worked. The centrality of individuals – all those workers whose various roles are truly indispensable – and respect for the environment and sustainability, in a manner that fully encompasses the economic, social and governance (ESG) dimensions, are key pillars supporting the IMA way of doing business.
I trust that this 2020 NFR, while complying with the regulations, also highlights the extent of our commitment to topics that we believe essential for the quality of life in the territories where we operate and, more generally, for life on our planet.
IMA works with customers and employees alike, especially in support of the pharmaceuticals and food-processing industries, to make sustainable the activities essential for our quality of life. We strive to reduce energy consumption, transition rapidly towards the use of packaging materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, make the working environment ever safer and more comfortable, and ensure the absence of gender discrimination.
All this without neglecting support for those social, cultural and training initiatives that draw major companies closer to their territorial roots and local administrations.
In conclusion, I want to stress that this report represents, in my opinion, the best way to demonstrate the quality and commitment of our Group. Together with the financial statements, it helps institutions to perform their control functions and civil society to understand better the central role played by our business for all society, and not just the specific employees, collaborators and shareholders involved.

The Chairman

Alberto Vacchi

Alberto Vacchi, Chairman & CEO