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Chairman's message

Dear Readers,
2019 was another year of growth for IMA S.p.A., with revenue of 1,595.5 million euros and approximately 6,200 employees operating in 45 production sites in Italy and around the world. These considerations on the positive results achieved by our Group in 2019 come at a time of global emergency that sees all of us making every effort to get through it together.
Our packaging machines help in the production processes of the food and pharmaceutical industries, which are of vital importance for the population in general. IMA is required to perform activities that are an integral part of the food and pharmaceutical supply chains, guaranteeing its customers the necessary assistance and, at the same time, maximum safety for all their workers, especially those engaged in the front line of production processes.
The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) continue to be the main point of reference for our own sustainable growth and, in particular, for those objectives that are most relevant to our value chain. Our strategy is guided by the needs of our customers and our markets – and here we are talking about the sustainability characteristics that will increasingly be a feature of packaging in the future – as well as local and global partnerships, for the development of technologies and solutions, and to foster the economic and social empowerment of the communities concerned.
Since December 2019, Europe has formally adopted the Green Deal. It is a new growth strategy which, with a just and inclusive transition, aims at transforming the EU into a fairer and more prosperous society, climatically neutral by 2050, with an efficient and competitive economy. To achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal and maintain the competitive advantage on the clean technology market, Europe will engage in the development of innovative value chains in all sectors, and we want to be an active part of this process.
For all this, we are boosting our laboratories, testing innovative packaging materials on our machines and encouraging innovative decisions on the part of our customers.
Soon we will inaugurate a new laboratory for testing packaging materials in Ozzano (Bologna), Italy, in addition to the one we already built at Ilapak in Lugano, Switzerland. We are also launching IMA-NOP (No Plastic), which is our route and our commitment to tackle the question of plastic, making our contribution to speed up the process of using recyclable and compostable materials at the service of sustainable packaging.
It is difficult to think of a return to the past when goods were sold in bulk and in conditions of limited hygiene and control, but it is clear that all of us will have to be committed to the idea of packaging that uses eco-sustainable materials to enhance all the positive qualities of modernisation in which automatic machines have played, and still play, a very important part.
Starting from innovation, IMA Zero is our latest promise to create products, production processes and services conceived with a new logic of sustainability and with the awareness that our commitment today, combined with that of many others, will influence the world of tomorrow. The IMA Zero programme is divided into four areas of intervention: the environment (Low Impact Program), materials (No Plastic Program), mobility (Sustainable Mobility) and social (Human Centric Program).
As a final thought, I would like to thank all of the people in IMA who have done an immense amount of work in preparing this document. Personally, as an entrepreneur, I will continue to believe and therefore to invest in IMA. In fact, I firmly believe that there is a lot of room to grow, within the framework of a sustainable future, helped by the fact that we have this ongoing open dialogue with all those who interact with IMA’s world in various capacities.


The Chairman

Alberto Vacchi

Alberto Vacchi, Chairman & CEO