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Post published on 29/10/2021

The compostable packaging of the Colussi Group among the winners of the best packaging 2021

Extraordinary result born from the collaboration of great companies, all Made in Italy, such as IMA Group, Sacchital, Novamont, Ticinoplast and SAES Coated.

The award ceremony of the Best Packaging 2021 Competition promoted by the Italian Packaging Institute and the Packaging Ethical Charter Foundation was held on the morning of Tuesday, October 19th, in the context of the R-ECONOMY SUMMIT event, organized by Il Sole 24 ore in partnership with the Italian Packaging Institute and Conai.

The Jury of the Best Packaging 2021 contest, chaired by Prof. Maurizio Boccacci Mariani, decreed the product “Compoflex® System, developed by Sacchital Group for Colussi Group“, among the winners of the Best Packaging 2021 award in accordance with the Values ​​of the Ethical Charter of Packaging (

Compoflex System® is a line of innovative and sustainable packaging, 100% compostable (UNI EN 13432 certified) developed and produced by Sacchital, with the possibility of a high barrier to oxygen and humidity. The PaperCompost / HB® and ClearCompost® specifications of the gamma have been adopted by the Colussi Group for the packaging of Pasta Agnesi® and Misura® brand products.

It is a technology created by a 100% “made in Italy” supply chain, with the scientific support of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo (of which Colussi is a strategic partner), the proposed packaging is the result of collaboration between various companies – Sacchital, Novamont, Ticinoplast, SAES Coated Films and IMA Group (Flexible packaging hub) – united by their commitment to research and development of sustainable solutions. The great innovation consists in having transferred the high barrier properties necessary to ensure the shelf-life of highly perishable foods onto compostable packaging.

The pack consists of FSC® Paper + MaterBi® for PaperCompost / HB®; MaterBi® + high transparency biopolymer for ClearCompost® PaperCompost / HB® contains Natura Ricca® Misura® savory snacks. ClearCompost® contains Misura® wholemeal pasta, wheat and egg pasta under the Pasta Agnesi® brand.

From the careful selection of renewable raw materials to the use of the most advanced coating technologies, Sacchital’s Compoflex System® packaging are conceived and designed according to the principles of the circular economy. The choice of this line allowed the Colussi Group to eliminate 37 million plastic packages equal to 290 tons.

The presented packaging are OK Compost Industrial certified by TÜV Austria. Based on the tests carried out in the laboratory, under industrial composting conditions, they degrade within 45 days (6 weeks earlier than the standard set by UNI EN 13432), reaching a disintegration percentage of 98% (+ 8% compared to the requirements of the UNI standard).

It is with projects like this that the IMA Group nourishes and carries on the corporate IMA ZERO project: our promise of sustainability.

The project contributes to achieve the goal of sustainability: minimizing the environmental impact in industrial production, and promoting and creating a habitat for work and life that always puts people at the center.

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