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Post published on 21/05/2024

Innovative REUSABLE packaging solutions together with Ocean Package.

IMA E-COMMERCE and Ocean Package are working closely to pioneer innovative solutions in the packaging sector. IMA, a global leader in automated packaging machinery, and OceanPackage, specialized in sustainable reusable packaging solutions, both develop cutting-edge solutions to effectively meet the evolving demands of the E-Fulfillment and Intralogistics markets.

Due to the large volume of packages shipped, the E-Commerce market is constantly under scrutiny from legislators, particularly in the EU. These regulations are pushing the sector towards a progressive reduction in CO2 emissions and packaging materials. Full recyclability of packaging is increasingly vital, and e-tailers must prioritize this aspect to comply with laws and meet customer expectations.

Packaging is considered recyclable when it meets specific criteria, such as being produced in a way that allows for the recycling of a certain percentage by weight of the materials used, and emphasizing optimal sizing to minimize material consumption.

To tackle these challenges, OceanPackage developed a clever case crafted from recycled plastic (with at least 30% of the material sourced from oceans), designed for multiple reuses. Upon reaching the end of its lifecycle, the case undergoes full recycling, contributing to the creation of new reusable cases. This innovation not only aligns with current EU Packaging Directive standards but also anticipates compliance with the forthcoming EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR).

IMA E-COMMERCE Division, which offers automated packaging machines specifically designed for E-Commerce, E-Fulfillment and Intralogistics, has recently tested and successfully validated OceanPackage’s cases on the E-CO Flex family of machines.

IMA E-COMMERCE’s range of machines includes automated solutions to form and close cases, automatically picking the best fit-to-size box and streamlining the packing operations, while reducing human intervention and plant footprint.

Ocean Package and IMA’s joint endeavor unlocks synergies by amalgamating the two companies’ respective strengths and expertise. It pushes the packaging industry forward and crafts innovative solutions that add tangible value to the market, offering their customers new products and packaging possibilities which will increase their popularity in the near future.



Ocean Package, a start-up based in Munich, is committed to fighting plastic pollution and is introducing an innovative solution: sustainable reusable boxes.
With a clear focus on reducing single-use packaging and promoting the circular economy, The Ocean Package aims to change the way packaging is made, used and recycled. By developing reusable packaging made from over 80% recycled materials, the company offers sustainable solutions for companies in all industries.
Ocean Package’s mission for a sustainable future focuses on an effective circular economy. The start-up invites customers, partners and interested parties to return all used reusable shipping packaging. The company guarantees complete recycling in order to conserve resources and protect our planet.

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