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Post published on 07/06/2019

Equal opportunities: IMA is one of the companies involved in "CAPO D"

We would like to announce the start-up of “CAPO D“, Community of Companies for Equal opportunities, which has been joined by IMA and other important local companies, such as: Aeroporto Marconi di Bologna, Automobili Lamborghini, Bonfiglioli, Caab, Crif, Emil Banca, Philip Morris Manufacturing & Technology Bologna and Tper.

The announcement was made on 5 June at the headquarters of the Metropolitan City of Bologna in the presence of the mayor Virginio Merola and representatives of the various companies.

Maria Carla Schiavina, Director of IMA, and Massimo Ferioli, Director of the Group Organisation, attended the event on behalf of IMA.

IMA and the other member companies, being sensitive to the issue of equal opportunities at work, have created this new reality by signing a network contract (lasting 15 years, until 31 December 2034) with which they undertake to pursue the following strategic objectives:

  1. to maintain a focus on the question of equal opportunities as an essential component of the mission of each company;
  2. to create opportunities for discussion and continuous learning by developing services that foster organisational well-being and corporate welfare provision;
  3. to encourage networking, foster exchange and create synergies between companies by sharing values and adopting best practices;
  4. to develop (also through a recognisable logo) the image of a company that is “sensitive” to equal opportunities at work, work-family balance, corporate welfare and organisational well-being, increasing its visibility in terms of Social Responsibility and a logic of progressive involvement, also on the part of small and medium enterprises;
  5. to promote awareness-raising activities on the subject of equal opportunities by increasing the competitiveness and innovative capacity of the members through the organisation and participation at fairs, meetings and open houses;
  6. to participate in research and innovation and study programmes in collaboration with other structures, particularly in the field of equal opportunities and the personal motivation of all workers, both male and female;
  7. to facilitate members’ access to EU, national and regional funds and calls for tenders, as well as access to financial and tax facilitations, other grants and funding in general. Where necessary, these would be specifically identified by the Joint Committee, whose composition and powers are governed by art. 10 in full compliance with the legislation on anti-money laundering, as well as with the 231 Codes of Conduct and any internal procedures and policies of the individual members that may be relevant under the circumstances.

All with the aim of creating a uniform system between companies for the training and cultural growth of male and female workers and for the dissemination of career growth opportunities for those who are traditionally penalised, especially in certain industrial sectors, favouring collaboration with local public institutions, in sharing strategic guidelines oriented towards sustainable development and equal opportunities.

CAPO D also envisages a shared endowment fund and a steering committee made up of one representative from each participant. It will be chaired by Maria Carla Schiavina, with Alessandro Bonfiglioli (director of CAAB) as Deputy Chairman.

“The goal is to pay attention to the merit, skills and value of everyone, no one excluded”, commented Maria Carla Schiavina. While Alessandro Bonfiglioli declared: “Companies where these practices are applied also have the best performances in financial terms”.

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