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Equal opportunities

In line with the Code of Ethics, IMA guarantees equal opportunities, protection and enhancement of the Company’s human resources, wherever they operate, recognizing that they are a primary factor in the Company’s success, and in any case entitled to fair treatment, respectful of the fact that they are all separate individuals, each with their own characteristics and to ensure the physical and mental integrity of each and every worker.

Discrimination based on political or union allegiance, religion, race, nationality, age, sex, sexual orientation, health or whatever is not permitted. The IMA Group is careful about the issue of equal opportunities, while operating in a production and industrial environment that, by history and tradition, tends to employ much fewer women than men. Women account for 16.1% of the total workforce; 89.9% of female staff works in white-collar positions, staff services and in the commercial areas.

In terms of remuneration, the provisions laid down in national contracts and current legislation in force in the countries where the company operates are applied. In the governance bodies of the Italian Group companies there are 106 members, 12 of whom are women. IMA’s workforce includes people belonging to protected categories as required by current legislation: to this end, for example in Italy, the Company has entered into agreements with the relevant entities.



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With reference to its administration and control bodies, in 2018 IMA will adopt the Diversity Policy for the composition of the administrative, management and control bodies. The Policy will aim to ensure proper functioning of the corporate bodies by regulating their composition and laying down that their members should satisfy personal and professional requirements that determine a high degree of heterogeneity and skills. The Policy will promote corporate social responsibility insofar as inclusion, integration and non-discrimination, aimed at enhancing diversity, can help remove the economic and social obstacles that restrict the freedom of the individual, in application of the principle of substantial equality and respect for individual dignity.

In this sense, diversity is perceived as a strength, as it allows the formation of an administrative body and a control body with a variety of values, points of view, skills and ideas. This variety favours and enriches the debate, mitigating the risk of formulating an undifferentiated collective thought. The diversity aspects considered by IMA for the composition of the administrative and control bodies are:

age diversity, understood as belonging to different age groups;

gender diversity, understood as a balanced representation of genders;

professional diversity, intended as the diversification of professional knowledge (for example, in terms of financial skills, concerning sectors that are relevant to the Company, international experience, leadership, risk management, planning and implementation of business strategies).


The board of Directors, in office at 31 December 2017, consists of 13 (thirteen) members, broken down as follows:

• 8 out of 13 (61.54%) aged up to 60 years old; 5 out of 13 (38.46%) are aged over 60;

• 3 out of 13 (23.08%) are women; 10 out of 13 (76.92%) are men;

• different professions are represented, an expression of the Italian entrepreneurial, professional and academic world.


The Board of Statutory Auditors that, in its current composition, has been in office since April 2016, is composed of 6 (six) members, split as follows:

• 5 out of 6 (83%) aged up to 60 years old; 1 out of 6 (17%) are aged over 60;

• 3 out of 6 (50%) are women; 3 out of 6 (50%) are men;

• different professional skills are represented, all of which are extremely relevant to IMA’s operations.


Dialogue with the Workers’ Representatives has led the Company to participate in various social projects for the territory in favour of disadvantaged people in the area and to create employment opportunities.



Founded in 2015 and 80% indirectly owned by IMA, DIGIDOC mainly provides document scanning services (invoices, shipping documents and other types of business documentation). The start-up was initiated with the collaboration (Law 68/99) of Virtual Coop, a non-profit social cooperative that has provided its expertise and experience in this field, and of LIS Certified Interpreters (experts in Italian Sign Language). DIGIDOC currently has 13 employees, including 10 who are deaf, split between the locations in Castenaso and Ozzano dell’Emilia, and is supported by 2 LIS interpreters.


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