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Post published on 21/01/2022

In 2022, IMA reconfirms itself as Top Employer for the fourth time

For the fourth consecutive year, IMA wins the international TOP EMPLOYER award that certifies the Group’s pledge to ensure the well-being of its employees and collaborators with active welfare policies, and innovative projects, increasingly oriented towards digitalization and sustainability.

IMA Group continues its ongoing investment in Talent Acquisition, development and constant training, with over 170 new hires.

In addition to the number of new hires, the commitment of the IMA Group towards people is also translated in a continuous training activity with more than 103.000 hours of training. The investment in training is not limited to the initial phase, but it is spread over time, aiming to enhance professional growth and individual motivation.

Through the educational ecosystem IMA Academy, the Group sets the goal of giving a structured response to the need of declining and characterizing generic skills in structural business skills, by combining the can-do with the can-be.

The two masters on the other hand, accompany the resources within the working life:

  • I’MA Potential is the first master, targeting new recruits, whose main objective is to develop and improve their abilities to ensure an initial alignment with the goals of the assigned role: here one learns to transform the capacities already acquired into practical and professional skills.
  • I’MA Talent is the second master and is oriented towards our more ambitious senior employees: it, in fact, focuses on the development of top managerial skills.

Both IMA Masters have been created to raise our employees’ professional capacities to a higher level.

IMA has obtained the prestigious certification issued by the Top Employer Institute: the global authority on recognizing excellence in HR practices. This certification is the result of a unique and rigorous evaluation process based on the corporate Human Resources procedures, through a unique and strict process with which the company has been evaluated based on its HR practices.

Through the Top Employers HR Best Practices Survey, the certification body analyses the working conditions within the companies, based on several main topics, such as Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Leadership Development, and so on.
The selection process is then granted by an external auditor that verifies corporate processes. With a positive evaluation, the company is officially certified and recognised as Top Employer.

The confirmation of the certification for 2022 allows us to stand out as an Employer of excellence, able to attract talents and maintain high levels of productivity and competitiveness thanks to policies that focus on quality of work

Top Employer 2022

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