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Post published on 28/10/2019

IMA’s selection process: a process of strict selection that respects diversity.

As a listed company, IMA needs a precise and punctual evaluation of the criteria with which to manage the selection process.

IMA Group has invested in the creation of a meritocratic, linear and sheer selection process oriented towards a steady and harmonious growth.

The process is based on the integration of cultural diversities and gender equality and make room for insertion through alternation school-work projects, thesis and research in the company or, indeed, the evaluation of new profiles.

The primary goal of IMA’s staff selection office is to conduct a meritocratic recruiting, which guarantees the entry of the best profiles available on the market in the Group.

To respect standards a high level of rigor is required in defining and respecting the parameters for talent selection.

The selection process is divided into several phases:

  1. The job description drowing up: starting point of the research activity. HR defines along with the manager, the ideal profile researched in terms of technical and transversal skills.
  2. Curriculum screening and selection: HR proceeds examinating the applications received from various channels, defining a first list of candidates. The selection takes place following the logic of equal opportunities married by the Group and it must be representative of both genders.
  3. Cognitive phase: in this stage HR proceeds autonomously to cognitive and motivational interviews using the aid of technical-logical and psycho-attitude tests, in order to evaluate at 360° the different profiles.
    In specific cases, are also used half-day depth assessments.
  4. Selection phase with the managers: once selected, candidates deemed more fitting with the Job Description, move to technical interviews. Candidates’ profiles are shared and analysed with the manager. During this phase are ascertained the technical skills and its relevance to the reference organizational context, in order to make the best final choice and proceed with the integration.

Applying recognized rules and conjugate them with the human factor, means increasing the corporate welfare and the entire reference business ecosystem well-being.


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