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Post published on 22/12/2023

INTECMA won the Business Excellence award in the 2024 LA RAZON III PREMIOS CATALUÑA

  • INTECMA won the prestigious Business Excellence award in the 2024 LA RAZON III PREMIOS CATALUÑA.
  • La Razón recognizes and awards business excellence through the third edition of Premios Cataluña.
  • Operating in line with IMA Group’s values, INTECMA develops its products putting sustainability at the centre.

INTECMA won the prestigious Business Excellence award in the 2024 LA RAZON III PREMIOS CATALUÑA.

With its third edition of Premios Cataluña, La Razón recognizes and awards the business excellence of some professionals, companies and entities that contribute to significant developments.

This award represents an important boost for the INTECMA team to continue working and consolidating its “philosophy”, which is based on great involvement of the whole staff as well as a high level of sacrifice and commitment within the industrial framework of the IMA Group. Last but not least, it is the actual recognition of many years of effort and dedication by all the professionals who are or have been part of INTECMA.

INTECMA, part of the IMA Group, is a company with a great vocation for technological development for industrial processes, mainly in the field of dairy and food packaging. Its main goal is to achieve a “Circular Economy”, through the development of productive means that prevent plastic from ending up in rivers and seas, changing the composition of the soil, water and atmosphere. During the last 10 years, INTECMA has developed a series of patents, worldwide, that have allowed the company to industrialize production lines capable of working with recyclable and reusable materials for the same product (circular economy). This objective comes to meet the wishes and needs of customers, since until now it was not possible to package these products in “Multipacks” containers.

In particular, considering how central sustainability is for IMA Group, INTECMA aligns to this way of operating and develops punching tools that can be applied to all tools contained in a form, fill and seal machine. Using longer maintenance intervals reduces maintenance costs, increases the performance of the machine and, thanks to the special technology, the tools have a longer life cycle.

By using its patented punching tools, a quick switch from PS (Polystyrene) to more recyclable materials such as PET, PP and PLA can be realised and customers have now the opportunity to use these materials for their thermoformed cups. Multipacks made of these materials can be broken into individual cups just as easily as those made from PS.

Further equipment in this range of tools includes special pre-heating plates, which can be easily dismantled and enable simple maintenance. Further material savings can also be realised by using the special thermoforming moulds, which enable the use of thinner materials.

These tools are part of the IMA ZERO’s No-Plastic Program (NOP), which aims at promoting eco-friendly plastic substitutes for the packages manufactured on the Group’s machines, supported by IMA’s network of technological laboratories, called OPENLab – a benchmark of sustainability and innovation.



INTECMA was founded 30 years ago as an industrial engineering company.
Throughout its history, it has alternated the development of dairy product packaging lines with projects as diverse as the mechanical design and manufacturing of exercise chairs for NASA, in order to avoid loss of astronauts’ muscle mass during their stay on a space shuttle (in collaboration with the company NTE-Senner).
INTECMA has also designed and manufactured glass bottle production lines for a complete project, led by the company in Moldova, Glass Container Company.
In recent years, it has focused on the development of patents for the food and dairy sectors.



IMA ZERO is the evolution of IMA’s commitment to Sustainable Development: its ultimate goal is to minimise environmental impact in industrial manufacturing, while promoting and creating a working and living habitat that always puts people and biodiversity at the centre.

The project is declined into 4 main programs:

  • LOW (Low-Impact Program) refers to the pledge to lower the Group’s impact on the environment, reducing emissions, waste, as well as water and energy consumption, and preserving natural resources.
  • NOP (No-Plastic Program) fosters the employment of eco-friendly materials for the gradual reduction of plastic in packaging produced by IMA machines. To this purpose, IMA OPENLab plays a fundamental role: the Group’s network of technological laboratories and testing areas is dedicated to the research of sustainable materials, technologies and production optimisation processes.
  • E-MOB (Sustainable Mobility Program) includes the Group’s projects about sustainable and electric mobility, for example the implementation of e-charging stations at IMA’s plants to charge hybrid and electric cars during working time. The Company’s biggest investment was the acquisition of IMA AUTOMATION ATOP, an Italian excellence in manufacturing lines for the production of e-traction engines, and the acquisition of IMA AUTOMATION FASP.
  • YOU (Human-Centric Program) concerns the Group’s commitment to putting people at the centre, promoting different projects related to equal opportunities, inclusion, integration, professional development, and anything that can improve working and living conditions.

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