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Post published on 04/05/2022

IMA BFB’s overwrapping machine HYWRAP20 won the prestigious Best Packaging 2022 award

  • Thanks to its ground-breaking and sustainable features, IMA BFB’s overwrapping HYWRAP20 won the Best Packaging 2022 award during the IPACK-IMA exhibition, in Milan, on the 4th of May.
  • HYWRAP20 is a hybrid, flexible solution that can run not only traditional materials, but also sustainable ones without having to change its configuration or components.
  • IMA is always implementing new projects to reduce its environmental impact: the HYWRAP20 technology represents a concrete step towards sustainability, being part of the IMA ZERO’s NOP (No-Plastic Program).


4th May 2022, Milan – IMA Group, with IMA BFB’s overwrapping HYWRAP20 won the Best Packaging 2022 award during the IPACK-IMA exhibition.

The HYWRAP20 is an overwrapping machine designed to meet medium-high speed requirements and to guarantee high quality wrapping processing different materials with the utmost accuracy.

Thanks both to its innovative and sustainable features, the HYWRAP20 was selected among the winners in the “Innovation and Technology” category for the Best Packaging Award 2022, a competition that promotes and discloses packaging solutions, packaging systems and machines that are innovative for the Italian market.

The jury stated that the reason of the selection is in the machine’s flexibility, which allows the HYWRAP20 to run different types of materials, without having to change its configuration or, more in general, to make any kind of change. What brought this solution to win the Best Packaging Award was the key strategic concept: IMA is not merely supplying a machine, but also a high-performance service.

HYWRAP20 overwrapping machine

The name of this winning solution comes from the idea of creating a flexible machine that can adapt to any type of material, whatever the final packaging requirement.

The HY(BRID)WRAP is a hybrid solution suitable for wrapping with paper, traditional plastic material (OPP), compostable and recyclable films, without changing its configuration or components depending on the material.

When wrapping with paper, for example, the machine does not require external gluing units, which would make the gluing areas inaccurate and increase the amount of glue required for sealing, consumption and maintenance costs.

The glue is incorporated in a minimum quantity on the paper sheet, only in the necessary edge areas to close the packet.

The HYWRAP20 has been designed to be a model with greater potential, reconceived in its functions and design.

It stands out for its ease of use by operators, for the possibility of optimising the use of paper and film without changing parts to size, for the reduction in consumption, for the quality of the packs produced and for its extremely reduced and accessible layout.

Its design is cleaner and lighter, and its features show significant improvements over previous wrapping machines.

  • The reel holder for the wrapping material and the tear-tape holder (used to facilitate the opening of the package) are positioned in an ergonomic way, i.e. not at the bottom, where it is more difficult to load them, but at a comfortable height for the operator.
  • Maximum ergonomics of the working areas, which are now more accessible and allow the product flow to be always visible and intercepted, facilitating the intervention by the operator in case of errors and jammed materials.
  • The balcony-type frame is very clean and the motors are all located in the rear area of the machine, behind the electric panel. This also greatly facilitates intervention in case of stuck paper and product jams.
  • Dedicated brushless motors for each movement to guarantee speed and make product wrapping extremely precise.
  • Product bypass is carried out through the machine and avoids having to position external belts when the product is not to be wrapped. This system also helps to reduce consumption, maintenance and space requirements in favour of a much requested and more efficient solution.
  • The modularity of the machine outfeed allows this area to be configured according to the type of product to be processed and the type of result desired in terms of side flaps closure (pad outfeed, side belt outfeed, outfeed with double hot and cold section to process paper at high speed).
  • The product transport by means of a toothed belt keeps the products synchronised and is particularly suitable for cosmetic packaging.
  • The automatic splicing of the reels allows the automatic splicing of the spare reel. When a reel runs out, with automatic rejection of the initial sheets that would not be usable. This guarantees maximum autonomy and efficiency and reduced waste.
  • Possibility of automatic adjustment of the machine areas according to the size of the product to be processed.

The wide range of set-ups thanks to the available optional units allows us to address all sectors from cosmetics to food and pharmaceuticals.



The HYWRAP20 overwrapping machine falls under the Group’s IMA ZERO project, in particular under the NOP (No-Plastic Program) that is one of the four categories in which IMA ZERO is declined, together with LOW (Low-Impact Program), E-MOB (Sustainable Mobility) and YOU (Human-Centric Program).

IMA ZERO is the evolution of IMA’s commitment to Sustainable Development: its ultimate goal is to minimise environmental impact in industrial manufacturing, while promoting and creating a working and living habitat that always puts people and biodiversity at the centre.



IMA BFB Division has a long tradition in design and manufacturing end-of-line or secondary packaging machines. Its bundling and wrapping machines, case packers, robotized handling systems, palletizers and de-palletizers cover a wide range of speeds for different markets.

Reduced machine footprint and great accessibility are key features of IMA BFB’s latest generation machines. Attention to detail is an important part of our manufacturing philosophy.