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Post published on 22/04/2021

Earth Day: IMA delivers a 24Bottles CLIMA to its employees

On the occasion of Earth Day, IMA also makes a small concrete gesture for the planet: a small gesture which, if done all together, can make the difference.

We deliver a 24Bottles CLIMA to each employee of the Group to reiterate how important our individual behaviors are to help reduce the use of plastic, in the company and during leisure time.

Why a 24Bottle?

-0,08 is the CO2 quantity that we avoid releasing in the atmosphere every time we reuse our 24Bottles, instead of buying a disposable plastic water bottle. Producing a disposable plastic bottle, in fact, involves the emission of 80 grams (0.08 kg) of CO2 eq.

The 24Bottles with ZERO emissions.

The entire carbon footprint released in the bottles environment, from raw material to production, from packaging to transport is compensated through reforestation projects that involve ‘’Oxygen’’ international urban areas.

Towards ZERO

The project was born within IMA ZERO: the foundation of our sustainable development program.

IMA ZERO is born with a sustainability aim: minimize the environmental impact in industrial production and promote and create a working and living habitat that always puts people at the center.

We are aware that, to proceed on our growing path, it is necessary to redirect our mentality towards bigger and newer objectives. In this historical moment, we have a duty to do so not only for our business, for bust most importantly for the environment and the society in which we live and operate it: IMA ZERO, doubtless, represents and embodies the Group’s will and dedication to change and have a positive and eco-friendly impact.

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