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Post published on 11/07/2019

IMA Academy: Knowledge, competence and competitiveness

IMA was born from a familiar entrepreneurship made of solid values and principles that are guiding the company still now: Knowledge, competence and competitiveness.

How do we implement IMA’s philosophy in our employee’s career? Through the ambitious IMA Academy project.

IMA Academy is a project made of connected and dynamics instruments, not only, in 2017 involved the physical construction of a training center: a real Academy, with classrooms for the training and meeting rooms as know-how exchanging hub.

The process starts from Role & Job Descriptionsto draw all professions, and to represent the company’s workflow.

After having defined 40 roles, we structured the  Skill Mapping, to periodically analyze any skill gaps, implement the necessary educational plans and then monitor the efficacy of the activities held.

The Educational Catalogue provides more than 250 courses, divided into 10 different main thematic areas: Safety & Security, Quality & Compliance, Information and Communications Technology, Languages, Production, Engineering, Sales, Soft Skills, Cross & Tech.

To qualify and refine our employee’s competences and professional abilities, the IMA Academy counts two Masters:

  • I’.M. A. Potential:dedicated to new recruits, to develop and improve their skills and ensure they are up to the objectives of their role. They learn how to transform previously acquired skills into practical, professional competences.

The master combines in-house classes and on-the-job activities in various Company departments, to encourage contamination and improve networking.

Currently there are more than 40 ongoing masters based on different roles.

  • I’.M. A. Talent: for our ambitious employees, focusing on developing the necessary capabilities for a vertical or horizontal growth.

The project allows the employees involved to consolidate values and organizational drivers improving their functional behaviours both on a relational and business point of view.

Following, through the Training Maintenance process, we  constantly check the employees’ skills, implement long-term educational plans according to  the Company’s business evolution.

At IMA we work on big projects where every single resource can make the difference.

Knowledge, competence and competitiveness, are IMA Academy’s mission. Come and join the IMA family!  

Discover more about IMA Academy and take a look to our Open Positions »