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The broadest range of engineering and technological solutions for the green coffee receiving and handling, roasting, grinding and degassing processes. Tailored on every customer need.














Complete coffee processing plant
from A to Z

With over 100 years’ experience in the market, you could hardly say Petroncini is new to coffee processing. Our history is worthy of the best “Made in Italy” tradition.
Our experience and solid company know-how, based on the installation of over 4700 roasting plants throughout the world, has led our company to be recognised as a leading supplier in the coffee processing industry, providing tailored engineered plants for the coffee processing: from the green coffee receiving up to the roasting machines; from the grinders up to the most advanced degassing systems.

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  • Roasted Coffee Systems
    Roasted Coffee Systems

Green Coffee Systems

Built to suit each customer, in line with their preferences on coffee reception and handling, IMA Coffee Petroncini has developed the broadest range of tailor-made solutions for the green coffee receiving, cleaning, conveying and storaging stages, making sure gentle and efficient treatments are the bottom line right from the start. From single jute bag up to container automatic unloading, each engineering solution will be adapted to the subsequent processing stages according to the needs of each customer and takes into account factors such as energy-efficiency, productivity and safety, combined with close attention to coffee integrity and hygienic design.

Batch weighing system

High-quantity dosing, optimising weighing times with the highest precision of the batch.

Roasting Technologies

IMA Coffee Petroncini roasters ensure uniformity, repeatability and allows to achieve the favorite consistency and aromas from your coffee, roasting quantities from 5 up to 720 kg per cycle. Built with materials which minimize heat dispersion, Petroncini roasters optimise the thermodynamic cycle, succeeding in an excellent yield of the roasting. The very best roasting control systems enable the highest customisation of the product and its quality repeatable over time in small and industrial productions. 

TMR: the most flexible and sustainable roaster.

High flexibility in carrying out a great variety of unconventional recipes and, therefore, a perfect roasting repeatability: that’s TMR. The heat recirculation system allows the partial recovery of the roasting air reducing the energy consumption, and therefore emissions, by more than 30 per cent.

Roasted Coffee Systems

Efficient, and safe handling and storage systems are very important to protect and preserve the integrity of roasted coffee. IMA Coffee Petroncini provides custom solutions specifically designed to meet every production needs.

TPA system

Pertoncini TPA system® is a pneumatic trasport in aspiration especially developed for handle the roasted coffee. It has a great flexibility of application, such as elbows, inclined pipes, the option of fixing it to the ground or to the ceiling, multiple discharges and 2-way valves.

Grinding Technologies

Coffee grinding is a crucial step in coffee processing and, when done properly, can dramatically improve coffee extraction and aroma retention, thereby optimizing the brewed coffee quality. IMA Coffee Petroncini provides grinders for small and large productions, ensuring reproducible production standards in terms of consistency of particle size. 


Petroncini has developed the T-Crusher, a ground coffee crusher capable of minimising the visibility of chaff in the coffee, thus uniforming the appearance of the ground coffee.

Ground Coffee Systems

Ground coffee must be properly homogenised and dosed, so ground coffee handling systems are very important to have a constant final quality product, for pod and capsule style and even for the spiced Turkish coffee. Following the same principle of maintaining the product homogenised and perfecly mixed especially once ground, preserving the coffee aroma and preventing the oxidation at the same time, Petroncini provides the very best trasport solutions.


ExtraMAX, mechanical extractor to avoid demixing and agglomeration of the product with a flat extraction system, suitable for filter, Espresso and Moka coffee.

Degassing Technologies

The maintenance of the aroma and the quality level of coffee are decisive factors for obtaining a good final product. IMA Coffee Petroncini provides different storaging systems especially designed to preserve the aroma of ground coffee. Every ground coffee storage is tailor-made based on product, customer’s requirement and space availability. 

COTube: Degassing Coffee At Its Best

The definitive solution for coffee in capsules, single-dose packs and vacuum packaging lines. COTube is the new technology meant to accelerate the degassing time with the guarantee of the superior aroma preservation and maximum process efficiency, through the nitrogen consumption’ optimisation.

TTA Roaster Model: Elegance and Tradition for the strongest roaster ever.

TTA Roasters are renowned worldwide for their manufacture quality typical of the Made in Italy tradition, combined with a precise roasting control that allows to reach coffee
with a dense and rich aroma. The air convection technology, without direct hot airflow, allows a perfect coffee roasting control, optimizing the thermal efficiency and the flavor development.

IMA Coffee LAB

The future of innovation on coffee processing and packaging.

The coffee knowledge provides the IMA Coffee Hub with the ability to identify trends in the coffee industry and address them across the production line. The unique center in the world to dive the innovation in coffee processing and packaging. A scale-down coffee processing and packaging plant, handling every single phase of the process, at your disposal to share the coffee knowledge and test the very best engineering technologies and innovations for the coffee industry.

Our Top Solutions

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Petroncini Specialty Roasters
Petroncini Specialty Roasters

TT 5/10 and TT15/20 Specialty Roasters enable the roast master to succeed in achieving countless sensory profiles, developing the coffee’s deepest aromas, from light roasting to the very darkest.

High technology for Micro Roasteries
Petroncini TMR Roasters
Petroncini TMR Roasters

Modular roasters feature an external heat generation unit which allows superior productivity and layout flexibility. This model can roast up to 720 kg per cycle and include an innovative energy-saving system.

Petroncini TT Roasters
Petroncini TT Roasters

From 25 up to 400 kg per batch, TT Roasters have a compact and reliable design. The air convection technologies allow a perfect coffee roasting control, optimizing the thermal efficiency and the flavour development.

Drum Roasting Technology
Ground Coffee Handling and Conveying
Ground Coffee Handling and Conveying
Following the same principle of maintaining the product homogenised and perfecly mixed, preserving the coffee aroma and preventing the oxidation, Petroncini provides the very best trasport solutions.
ExtraMAX and the gentle handling
Green Coffee Storaging and Dosing
Green Coffee Storaging and Dosing
Flexible indoor and outdoor storaging and the most accurate dosing solutions for the maximum process efficiency and productivity, tailored on the plant layout and the processing line downstream.
How flexible storage solutions make life easier
Degassing Systems
Degassing Systems
CO-Tube is the next-generation degassing system capable of accelerating the degassing time with a nitrogen injection, in a deep vacuum environment, thus controlling the process temperature.
Degassing Process
Roasted Coffee Handling and Conveying
Roasted Coffee Handling and Conveying
In the whole coffee processing, the roasted coffee handling and conveying systems represent very important steps to ensure the preservation of the product and its quality.
Gentle conveying of the roasted coffee
Green Coffee Intake Systems
Green Coffee Intake Systems

A wide range of automated solutions for receiving coffee from single bag up to bulk container, in order to reduce labor and increase the efficiency and security in all the phases of green coffee intake

Smart solutions for every type of intake


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