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Coffee Degassing Systems

Degassing Process

Particular attention must be paid to the degassing process. Degassing is a natural chemical reaction that happens inside the beans once roasted and ground. Preventing package inflation and avoiding oxidation are the main factors that have led to the spread of degassing technologies over recent years, especially in the single-serve market. Depending on the room temperature, on roasting parameters, granulometry and the pressure of the coffee inside the storage silos, degassing time can range from 4 to 48 hours.

Production requirements mean degassing time must be reduced to as little as possible, without any aroma loss. The technologies used to accelerate degassing times make it possible to reduce the time, while still preserving the quality of the product.

IMA Coffee Petroncini has developed different degassing systems available in various configurations for the desired degassing process. The degassing can be done either in natural conditions with aroma protection by nitrogen, or with an acceleration of the process by using the vacuum technology combined with nitrogen injection. The very next-generation degassing solution is meant to accelerate the degassing process in a vacuum closed circuit with nitrogen injection and product recirculation: that’s Petroncini CO-Tube degassing system.



CO-Tube Degassing System can reduce nitrogen consumption by recycling the gas needed for the degassing process.

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Degassing Systems Highlights

Maximum aroma and shelf-life preservation thanks to the zero oxygen presence inside the circuit
Degassing time reduction operated by the vacuum system
No more packaging stressed
Nitrogen consumption optimisation during the different phases of the process
Superior consistency of the product through the ExtraMax extraction technology
Perfect process control using recipes for nitrogen and gas temperature modulation
COTube: Revolutionary Process

Zero Oxygen inside the circuit

COTube is a system capable of accelerating the degassing time with a nitrogen injection, in a deep vacuum environment at -800 mbar, thus controlling the process temperature. The mechanical recirculation of the product used in the new COTube degassing system is an innovation on the market compared to other systems existing. It enables the ground coffee to homogeneously make contact with the nitrogen, keeping the product homogeneous in the silo. Furthermore, the most innovative COTube feature is linked to the closed-circuit adopted, the unique system available on the market today able to partial recover the nitrogen needed during the process. Furthermore, this specific process engineering combines the possibility to control the temperature of the inert gas so as to maintain the temperature stable inside the system, despite the environment temperature. As a result of the nitrogen’ temperature modulation, it’s possible to customize the degassing times, recipe by recipe.

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