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Shop and industrial coffee grinders for any brewing style, from 90 to 9000kg per hour.

Shop and industrial coffee grinders for any brewing style, from 90 to 9000kg per hour.

Blades and stone grinders

Coffee grinding is a crucial step in coffee processing and, when done properly, it can dramatically improve coffee extraction and aroma retention, thereby optimizing the brewed coffee quality. 

Petroncini provides blades and rolls grinders for small and large productions, ensuring reproducible production standards, in terms of consistency of particle size and flexibility, according to the requirements.

Industrial coffee grinders are able to obtain the perfect coffee particle size, suitable to any brewing style, including Soluble, Espresso and Ultrafine coffee types, with capacities ranging from 90 up to 9,000 kg/hour.

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Grinders Highlights

Petroncini blades and rolls grinders are perfect applications for a high-precision processing.
Rolls grinders are available with two or three stages of grind, controlling gaps and speeds.
Water-cooled rolls and coffee temperature systems.
Homogeniser and chaff crusher/densifier ensure consistent density during the production.
Grinding blades made in chrome-magnesium hard steel, available in different sizes and even for Turkish coffee style.
Forced air cooling system installed on the blades grinders ensure preserving the coffee quality and organoleptic properties.
T-Crusher homogeniser and chaff densifier

Consistent density during and after grinding

Petroncini has developed the T-Crusher, a ground coffee crusher capable of minimising the visibility of chaff in the coffee, thus uniforming the appearance of the ground coffee.

This works by pressing the coffee in a certain area, where there are blades that work at high speed. In addition, for the most demanding customers, we provide a special vibrating sieve, able to completely remove any presence of chaff in the coffee, even the finest.

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