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Covering all aspects of the packaging process, from consultancy and design to production planning and turnkey solutions, IMA Coffee Packaging provides equipment for dosing, filling, sealing and cartoning.

The all-encompassing solution for the coffee packaging

Developing specific and customized solutions able to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market, IMA Coffee Packaging supplies machines for capsules preparation and filling, for the packaging of soft and hard pods, for cartoning and for vertical form-fill-seal.

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Soft & Hard pods

Both soft and hard coffee pods are processed at different speeds in equipment designed to ensure precision, but also significant flexibility enabling customers to respond rapidly to diverse market requirements. Packaging can be conducted in a modified and conditioned atmosphere, and pods can be stacked individually protected in heat-sealed envelopes and packed into heat-sealed vertical pouches or cartons.


The CA1 is a unique, high-speed machine able to produce soft pods in one single lane, counted, stacked and packed into a heat-sealed stand-up bag.

Hot drink capsules

IMA Coffee Packaging machines can package every kind of capsule present on the market both in protected atmosphere and non. Primary packaging of the capsule ensures maximum hygiene and prevents the aggression of external agents, such as moisture, heat and air. The capsule preparation machines can be fitted to work with all kinds of capsules, self-sealing or non self sealing, with different thermoplastic, compostable or biodegradable materials. The company’s flexibility allows it to manufacture units for the insertion of plastic filters or for the cutting and sealing of paper/aluminum filters, alternatively on the bottom or on the outside of the capsule.


A unique solution from which operators, production line managers, producers, and eventually the customers, will benefit. Here is a closer look at UNIKA, processing up to 600 capsules/minute by leading packaging specialists IMA Coffee.


Coffee is extremely sensitive to exposure to air, light and environmental odours. The fragrance and flavour of coffee is its core value and IMA’s packaging solutions protect the quality and extend the shelf life of this product. Developed over many years of experience in this industry, IMA’s packaging machinery provides excellent hermetic sealing systems, special valve systems for freshness and reclosable systems for consumer convenience.


The 3C Series vertical baggers produce high quality pouches providing reliability with the best cost-benefit ratio. The baggers, intermittent or continuous motion, including degassing valve applicator and N2 flushing system, are capable of producing and filling 3 side seal bags from 50 cc up to 5000 cc.


Vertical multiline packaging machines to produce tube style pouches to maximize its capacity and optimize packaging material usage. Suitable for liquids, powders and granulated products.


Machine capable of producing and filling 3 side seal stick bags from 0,5 cc to 50 cc with outputs up to 1200 sachets per minute.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging ensures product protection and product integrity when it leaves the production site to reach the final consumers. Different secondary packaging methods are usually utilized according to the original capsule nature. IMA Coffee Packaging offers a wide range of cartoning solutions from oriented to bulk configurations, designed to ensure the maximum flexibility and higher productivity.


The last generation capsule cartoner C-900 handles any type of capsule available on the market, in plastic, aluminum, recyclable and compostable material, packing them in a wide range of sizes and carton configurations and styles.
The machine can feed up to 900 capsules per minute and pack up to 90 cartons per minute.

End of Line Packaging

A host of solutions are available to handle any kind of coffee packaging. Whatever the shape or the size of the bags, cartons and capsules may be, the integrity of the content is always preserved, the quality of the final packaging is guaranteed.


Electronically driven, high-performance wrap around case packer, the MMP400 benefits from astute ergonomic design features enabling user-friendly operation and optimum productivity, with a flat blanks magazine positioned to allow easy case loading.

Versatile capsule configuration into cartons

Thanks to the coffee capsule market growth of the last years and due to the variety of presentations of these products in the market, today is very important to provide the right equipment to pack the Single Serve Capsules in the proper way and according to the customer needs.

Capsule Preparation

Working close to capsule producers, IMA has implemented a wide range of technology to assemble/prepare capsules. The capsule preparation machines can be fitted to work with all kinds of capsules, self-sealing or non self sealing, with different thermoplastic, compostable or biodegradable materials.

UNIKA, by name and by nature.

The beauty of UNIKA can be seen in terms of its quality processing abilities. Precise dosing is a feature coffee capsule producers can count on throughout the machine’s lifecycle. Uniform dosage is achieved with tolerance levels in the order of 0.2 g.

IMA Coffee LAB

The future of the innovation on coffee processing and packaging.

The coffee knowledge provides the IMA Coffee Hub with the ability to identify trends in the coffee industry and address them across the production line. The unique center in the world to dive the innovation in coffee processing and packaging. A scale-down coffee processing and packaging plant, handling every single phase of the process, at your disposal. The unique center in the world to share the coffee knowledge and test the very best engineering technologies and innovations for the coffee industry.

IMA Digital on Coffee

Discover the power of digital applied to the IMA Coffee Packaging machines.


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The brand new Synkro is the IMA Coffee fastest technology for coffee capsule filling and sealing based on an innovative capsule transfer system using independent magnetic shuttles.


UNIKA is a modular capsule filling and sealing machine and strikes a perfect balance between performance and practicality. The modular construction design allows high flexibility in achieving custom-made solutions for almost any kind of product.


Latest-generation machines, the SR SMART Series is a range of versatile and flexible machines equipped for the filling and sealing of capsules on 1 and 2 lanes.


The brand new capsule cartoner C-900 can handle any type of capsule available on the market packing them in a wide range of sizes and carton configurations.

Infinite capsule arrangement options and carton styles
CA 1
CA 1

The CA1 all-in-one, single-dose coffee packaging machine takes efficiency to new heights, guarantees maximum flexibility and quick changeover procedures, user-friendly operation and saves on packaging material.

A soft pod packaging line in one single machine
3C Series
3C Series

The 3C Series vertical baggers produce high quality pouches providing reliability with the best cost-benefit ratio.

3C Series


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