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High speed capsule cartoning machine

The brand new capsule cartoner C-900 can handle any type of capsule available on the market packing them in a wide range of sizes and carton configurations.

The brand new capsule cartoner C-900 can handle any type of capsule available on the market packing them in a wide range of sizes and carton configurations.

Infinite capsule arrangement options and carton styles

The C-900 represents an excellent choice as a turnkey solution combined with IMA high speed capsule filling machines.

The capsule transfer feeding system is equipped with a buffer and capsules recirculation unit and guarantees extremely gentle handling, avoiding capsules damaging. Capsules are fed in a bucket chain and transferred by a pick & place system equipped with gripper-suction cup type units able to respond to any desired configuration.

According to required machine speed and carton capacity, the C-900 can be completed with a single or double flat blank carton magazine.

A simple size changeover allows the C-900 to handle any capsule type available on the market in any arrangement and carton style. The machine can feed up to 900 capsules per minute and pack up to 90 cartons per minute.

The C-900 can be set up according to the arrangement requirement, alternated or nested, and handles a variety of carton styles, including tubes. Top flexibility is achieved in final carton configuration as the C-900 allows single or multi-layer filling and the insertion of interlayers and/or inlays.

Carton space optimization achieved by smart capsule arrangement solutions contributes to packaging material saving and shelf space reduction.

The variety of carton handled by the C-900 are accompanied by a variety of closure options. Starting from the simplest ones up to the more sophisticated solutions, such as:

  • Top Flap, with or without frontal flap
  • Additional lateral flaps
  • Flip Top closure with or without tamper evident system.



The machine motorization is handled with the aim to avoid power waste. Kinetic energy generated during braking is shared and absorbed by other modules. The C-900 can handle capsules made of compostable or recyclable material. Carton material can be recyclable or recycled.
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C-900 Highlights

High speed, compact design
Extreme flexibility on product layer configuration and carton sizes
Carton filling optimization to improve final compactness
Excellent product efficiency
Fully servo-driven movement
Quick size changeover
Versatile flat blanks capacity
  • Technical Data
  • Machine Layout
Production speed up to 90 cartons/min
Average power consumption 15 kw
Operating Pressure 6 bar
Maximum air consumption  800 Nl/min
Weight 5000 kg
C-900 Layout

C-900 Gallery

Capsule arrangement options and carton styles
Capsule feeding
Pick & Place Capsule Feeding
Capsule forming
Carton forming
Pick & Place carton filling
Carton closing
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