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Roasted Coffee Storaging

Flexible storaging solutions and gentle handling thanks to anti-breakaging devices

Flexible storaging solutions and gentle handling thanks to anti-breakaging devices

Maximum preservation of the coffee beans

Once roasted, it is extremely important to preserve the integrity of the beans, because a fall of more than 500 mm risks damaging them. Petroncini provides squared, polygonal or circular silos for small and big capacity.

Silo capacity can vary from a few hundred kg up to many tons and the shape depends on the capacity and available space. Inside every silo and every silo cell, special devices are installed to gently escort the coffee during its fall. There are different types of shock absorbers available, also designed to avoiding product obstruction especially considering the high production capacity up to 5 tons per hour.

IMA Coffee Petroncini
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IMA Coffee Petroncini

Roasted Coffee Storaging Highlights

Squared, polygonal or circular silos for small and big capacity equipped with fall shock absorbers tailored on silo’s capacity.
Multidischarge systems with product preservation with easy access and cleaning, efficient and reliable positioning.
Receiving cyclones and rotary distributors designed with special shock absorbing material.
Internal and external installations and different materials and colour available.
Complete automation of the storaging process depending on the plan, for the complete traceability of the coffee batches.
Production Manager: Automation - Process - Traceability

Your partner on production schedule

The Production Manager® is the perfect tool for monitoring the production of the batches, starting from the agenda of raw coffee components up to packaged product.

It is a useful dashboard to launch the daily production batches of the roasters, identify quantity of the coffee present in the receiving silos and the roasted and ground storaging sections, avoiding any production and contamination errors.

It has a list of active or past lots for monitoring the relative coffee quantities in the time of interest.

It can also act as a traceability system starting from any area of product interest, from the green lot to the packaged product, and viceversa, thus helping to trace any critical issues.

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