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The maximum care in handling the coffee once roasted, avoiding any breakages.

The maximum care in handling the coffee once roasted, avoiding any breakages.

Gentle conveying of the roasted coffee

The first step after roasting and destoning is weighing. The coffee needs to be weighed to check what shrinkage occurred during the roasting phase, normally done with a batch weighing system. After that, the coffee must be sent to the storaging silos and there are different solutions for handling this phase.

In the whole coffee processing, the roasted coffee handling and conveying systems represent very important steps to ensure the preservation of the product and its quality.

Roasted coffee can be handled pneumatically or mechanically, which is better depending on the plant capacity/h and the distance from the connected equipment, such as receiving cyclones and rotary distributors above the storaging silos.

The attention to the product preservation is maximum.

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Roasted Coffee Handling and Conveying Highlights

Bucket elevator for gentle conveying without any breakages for small distances.
Tubular drag conveyor or chain conveyor in the longer distances for the maximum aroma protection.
Pneumatic conveying by compression or aspiration for the highest flexibility and multiple discharge.
Special pneumatic handling systems, self-regulating according to the specific weight of the roasted coffee.
Receiving cyclones and rotary distributors above the storaging silos are engineered with special materials to avoid any breakages.
Pneumatic Transport in Aspiration to reach the long distance taking care of the coffee.

TPA system®

Pertoncini TPA system® is a pneumatic trasport in aspiration especially developed for handle the roasted coffee. It has a great flexibility of application, such as elbows, inclined pipes, the option of fixing it to the ground or to the ceiling, multiple discharges and 2-way valves. That means different routes can be installed inside the production area, bypassing any constraints even where there is an existing production complex. Petroncini has developed the TPA system® which guarantees pneumatic product handling for up to 60 m of suction pipes. This system definitely requires less maintenance than mechanical conveyors, avoiding almost all breakage or at least reducing it to a negligible percentage while preserving the aroma.

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