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Roasted Coffee Weighing and Blending

The most accurate solutions for blend preparation.

The most accurate solutions for blend preparation.

LINE-S Cone Valve
high recipes accuracy preserving the product

The batch weighing system is the most accurate dosing coffee system for creating blends according to specific needs.

In the Petroncini weighing system, accuracy is guaranteed by three loading cells and the management of the LINE-S Cone Valve.

Using a pneumatic actuator that works on a vertical axis, these valves allow for volume optimisation. By working in three positions: open, closed and “fine dosing”, the LINE-S Cone Valve is able to guarantee an accurate dosing process.

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Roasted Coffee Weighing and Blending Highlights

Batch weighing system for the highest precise blend dosing.
Dosing valves with coarse and fine dosing ensures high recipe accuracy.
Volume optimization through the action of LINE-S Cone Valve.
Weighing accuracy through three loading cells and the management of the LINE-S Cone Valve.
Dust-tightness by way of suction avoids product contamination and keeps the working area clean.
Easy maintenance and self-cleaning are guaranteed by compressed air injection.
Drum Horizontal Mixer for any capacity requirements


Generally, if a company processes many coffee varieties, the blending phase is crucial to guarantee product homogenisation. The beans coming from different silo cells are mixed and then sent to the packaging lines for coffee bean bag preparation or to the grinders to be ground.

Petroncini provides two types of blending machines combined with a batch-weighing system. The traditional solution is the horizontal mixer with rotating drum, equipped with helicoidal paths moving the product back and forth to perfectly mix the beans. A more advanced solution is a batch auto-cleaning blender suitable for companies that sell roasted coffee beans in bags or for specific hygiene requirements. In this case, the suction system combined with special mechanical components inside the mixer means small pieces of coffee can be removed from the blended product.

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