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Petroncini Specialty Roasters
The roasting solution for the Specialty coffee

TT 5/10 and TT15/20 Specialty Roasters enable the roast master to succeed in achieving countless sensory profiles, developing the coffee’s deepest aromas, from light roasting to the very darkest.

TT 5/10 and TT15/20 Specialty Roasters enable the roast master to succeed in achieving countless sensory profiles, developing the coffee’s deepest aromas, from light roasting to the very darkest.

High technology for Micro Roasteries

Since the early 1930s, sound experience and ongoing research into optimising the roasting process were tangible elements in the evolution of the Petroncini small roasters, sold all over the world. The company’s milestones, even in this past century’s highly technological evolution, have always paid attention to the choice of materials used and their improved product engineering. The innovation applied to these machines over the years has in no way affected the quality of the materials and the robustness of the original product, but instead has set out to put the master roaster at the centre of the process, making him increasingly aware of the technology and giving him all the tools necessary to personalise his quality roasting profile in the way he prefers.

The Petroncini Specialty Roasters, thanks to heat control, roasting air volume and the drum rotation speed, can in fact let you vary the method of transferring heat to the bean, achieving the balance between convection and conduction, according to the desired end product.

The thermal energy cycle adopted by the Specialty Roasters allows for the direct and gentle drying and caramelisation of the coffee sugars, putting the source of heat not in direct contact with the roasting chamber, in order to be able to control the amount of heat transferred to the bean and reduce uncontrollable thermal inertia as much as possible. The Specialty Roasters thus offer a “soft” roasting profile which allows for even heat distribution to the beans, taking care of the raw materials so as to achieve high quality aromatic profiles. These machines are equipped with high-performance and adjustable technological components, which allow for full control of the roasting process. 

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Petroncini Specialty Roasters Highlights

Modulating burner 0 - 100%
Available with Classic or Avantgarde control
Single phase power
Roasting and cooling independent fans
8 setpoints and 20 roasting profiles customization
Rate-of-Rise monitoring and Crack temperatures saving
Cropster Ready
Remote assistance

Classic or Avangard Versions

MAESTRO is the roasting software applied to the Specialty Roasters, available in the Classic as well as Avantgarde version, thus giving the roast master the chance to choose either the complete freedom of roasting or the pre-setting the different desired roasting profiles. The system enables to save and export the roasting data, organising them later as preferred.

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  • Technical Data
  • Machine Layout
  TT 5/10 TT 15/20

Length (mm)

1550 2050

Width (mm)

900 1350

Hight (mm)

1700 1950

Batch Size (kg)

3/10 10/20

Capacity (kg/h)

Up to 35

Up to 70

Roasting Time (min)*

10-20 10-20

* Roasting Time depends on the type of roasting desired.

Data subject to possible modifications and not necessarily definitive.

Petroncini Specialty Roasters Layout

Petroncini Specialty Roasters Gallery


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