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One-Stop-Shop supplier for sachet and stick applications.

Being a one-stop-shop supplier for the entire line enables IMA Safe to guarantee its customers incomparable advantages that improve the quality of the project and the product.

Discover and customise your complete sachet packaging line

A wide choice of flexible sachet packaging machines, cartoners and comprehensive end of line solutions

Vertical intermittent motion sachet machine Sachet stacking and transfer system Horizontal intermittent motion cartoner Stretch banding & shrink wrapping machine Side loading case packing and palletizing

Example of high-speed sachet packaging line

An example of line solution to reach high production volumes with the maximum efficiency guaranteed. Two sachet packaging machines, BETA 500, are installed in line and are able to reach an overall output up to 1400 sachets/min.

The CLA stacking and transfer systems are able to properly absorb the entire production output from the primary packaging machines and transfer it to the high-speed DYNAMICA cartoner. Once the sachets are packaged, the AP400 TE 3T labeller applies the tamper evident label on the carton. The end-of-line integrated machine, CP18-FLEX, packs the cartons in cases and places them on a pallet.

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Vertical intermittent motion sachet machine. BETA Series ensures high performances thanks to the advanced technology developed. Benefit from the maximum flexibility in terms of configurations and production outputs to find the best solution for your goals.
The sachet machine you can rely on
Intermittent motion cartoner. X Series multipurpose intermittent motion cartoner, is the best price/performance ratio solution in its product range. Thanks to the use of both mechanical and robotized feeding systems, it can handle the widest product variants range in the market.
X, love at first sight
Intermittent or continuous motion cartoner. FLEXA Series includes intermittent and continuous motion versions to better satisfy your demands according to the product to be packed. With FLEXA you choose the maximum flexibility and ergonomics in the most compact machine.
Space-saving design for whatever product to be packed
Continuous motion cartoner. DYNAMICA Series multipurpose continuous motion cartoner is available in different versions, according to the product specifications, carton dimension sizes and speed. It grants the maximum versatility in terms of applications, infeed systems and carton sizes.
Beyond the limit of the maximum flexibility
Available as a stand-alone unit or integrated in a complete packaging line, the SENSITIVE AP400 T applies tamper-evident sealing at a high speed while occupying a reduced footprint. Flexible and ergonomic, it handles a wide range of carton sizes.
Visibly smart
CP18 / CP28
CP18 / CP28
SIDE LOADING CASE PACKING MACHINE. Side loading case packers, suited to packaging individual or bundled cartons into pre-glued RS cases. They are compact, accessible and enable simple, tool-free size changeover.
Quality case packing with palletizing option: we make it simple.

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