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IMA Group at PACK EXPO 2019 • Food & Dairy market

Discover the machines on show selected by our team of specialists.

IMA at Pack Expo will showcase all the innovative solutions for the packaging challenges of the food & dairy industry.

IMA Benhil, Corazza and Fillshape & Erca, Gasti and Hassia are working with Ilapak and Delta Systems to provide a wider than ever range of advanced machines.

Come and meet up with our packaging experts with in-depth knowledge of your production processes and see both our vertical and horizontal packaging machines in action.

Carrera 500
flow wrapper

Entry-level electronic machine, fully PLC controlled with an intuitive HMI: the best flow wrapper for small range applications where fast and easy to operate size change operation are required.

Flow wrapper

This successor to the Carrera 1000 responds to the budget, build quality and flexibility requirements of mid-range food and non-food operations. ILAPAK has balanced these demands by rationalising the number of added features and re-engineering the machine frame design and sealing system.

This latest addition to the Carrera portfolio incorporates incremental innovations that have enabled ILAPAK to stretch the performance: price ratio of the system. A radical re-engineering of the machine frame has produced the first ILAPAK flow wrapper with a tubular frame for added robustness, whilst on the sealing system, heavy duty shafts and surrounding bearings allow for greater and more consistent seal-jaw pressure. This improved jaw profile results in superior seal appearance and integrity.

flow wrapper for flatbread

Flexible packaging machinery manufacturer ILAPAK is once again showing its commitment to the bakery industry with the launch of a new flow wrapper for tortilla and flatbread applications.Responding to the budget and performance demands of mid-sized bakeries, the Delta EZ combines an affordable price tag with the ability to produce hermetically sealed extended shelf life packs at speeds of up to 100ppm, thanks to an innovative longitudinal sealing system.

Vision 2000
Counting machine

The centrepiece of ILAPAK’s new suite of counting systems is the state-of-the-art Vision 2000, which offers a flexible, accurate and low-noise alternative to conventional vibratory counters. Using advanced line scan camera technology, the Vision 2000 counts and feeds baked goods into boxes or the infeed of a VFFS machine. Speeds of up to 100,000 products per hour with over 99% accuracy can be achieved.

Vertical bagger

Ilapak’s Vegatronic 2000 Open Frame RJ (rotatable jaws) is today’s most innovative and high-tech VFFS machine. It’s a high-quality, high-end range machine with excellent sanitary design. Ideal to run a wide variety of pack styles including Doy packs and transverse zipper bags in industries such as produce, diary, IQF, bakery, confectionery and many others with both heat seal and ultrasonic sealing solutions available.

for Produce and IQF

Unrivalled HYGIENE and EASINESS of use are the hallmarks of this game-changing piece of kit. Vegatronic 6400 Open Frame is today’s most innovative and high-tech VFFS machine.

It’s a high-quality, high-end range machine with excellent sanitary design. Ideal to run a wide variety of products in harsh conditions.

thinking for your business

The V-Smart is an entry-level Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) intermittent machine ideally suited to confectionery, nut, dried fruit, bakery, powder and non-food applications. The automatic intermittent bagger V-Smart boasts open frame design, exceptionally compact dimensions and a competitive price tag for ILAPAK build quality.


An ultra-hygienic multi-head combination weigher that is suitable for a full wash-down environments, available with small, medium and large volume hoppers for high speed applications with lowest give-away. On display with a brand new and innovative HMI.

flow wrapper with integrated biscuit creamer Sama 2 vend-pack single or double Stack

The Delta Systems Eagle is a versatile platform and is commonly integrated into a wide variety of automated packaging systems. Capable of speeds in excess of 1200 ppm the Eagle is designed for 24/7 production environments and includes standard features such as automatic splicing and expanded Touchscreen diagnostics to allow efficient operation and overall efficiency excellence. The Eagle Flow Wrapper is manufactured from plate aluminum or optional plate stainless steel that is seam welded for sanitary applications in wash down environments.


DSA Raptor
The first robotic flow wrapping system to operate via a common control platform for both robot and wrapper

The Delta Systems Raptor is the first robotic flow wrapping system to operate via a common control platform for both robot and wrapper, reducing capital outlay and cost of ownership over the machine’s lifespan while simplifying troubleshooting, fault recovery management and day to day operation. It is also the first system in ILAPAK’s portfolio to offer augmented reality features for trouble shooting and preventative maintenance.

Take the chance to meet IMA masters

Dosing, wrapping and packaging solutions for Cheese

IMA is a reference brand for the dosing, wrapping and packaging of cheese. A wide range of machines is available for triangular, rectangular and square portions of processed, fresh and cream cheese. Hot fill solutions as well as cold fill systems are included in the product assortment that also comprehends cartoning, boxing, banding and end of line solutions.

Dosing, wrapping and packaging solutions for Paste and Pressed soup Cubes

IMA supplies high, medium and low-speed processing, dosing and wrapping lines for paste and pressed soup cubes with a wide choice of solutions, ranging from stand-alone machines to fully integrated, turnkey lines including boxing and cartoning machine and end-of-line packaging in display and bulk containers.

Dosing, wrapping and packaging solutions for Butter and Margarine

Thanks to decades of specific experience, IMA acts as a key technological partner and business advisor in all areas of butter and margarine packaging. Covering all aspects of the packaging process, IMA provides equipment for dosing and wrapping, filling and sealing (FS), cartoning and end-of-line solutions for butter and margarine products packed into mini, consumer and big portions.

Pouch filling solutions for liquid to pasty products

IMA manufactures and designs filling systems for flexible stand-up pouches with and without spout for dairy, food and beverage sectors. It offers the most revolutionary technology in the field of flexible containers, but it leaves the customer free to choose the shape of the pouch, spout and cap.

The innovator in form-fill-seal technology

Erca is the innovator in form-fill-seal technology and specialist in low to mid-speed output for FFS as well as FS machines.

As inventor of the FFS technology Erca develops FFS machines for cups and can offer an extensive variety of shapes through efficient thermoforming solutions and pioneering formats which have already been awarded several times.

The packaging solutions of FS machines comprise low to mid speed machines offering format flexibility for a wide range of filling products and running of different cup dimensions. New in the portfolio is the ‘EFS’ an Indexing Platform for Pre-formed Cups.

More than a century of experience in filling and sealing technology

Gasti is a specialist for filling and sealing machines, especially continuous motion machines for pre-formed cups made of plastic, paper, aluminium and laminated materials, and offers systems that meet the highest requirements. Cup filling and sealing machines in different hygiene categories, product flexible dosing systems and format flexibility offer intelligent solutions for maximum productivity.

Market leader for aseptic FFS solutions

Hassia stands for more than 65 years of experience in the design and development of high quality form, fill and seal machines and high speed fill and seal machines and has a large base of worldwide installations.

As market leader in aseptic packaging, Hassia supplies innovative solutions for state-of-the-art packaging machines for cups and stick packs handling liquid to pasty products.

Covering all aspects of the packaging process – from consultancy and design (also the design of cups) to production planning Hassia provides equipment for filling in thermoformed cups or pre-formed cups.

All machines are known for their extremely high filling accuracy, often using dosing devices without seals and also able to process products with particulates. They can fill all kinds of liquid-to-pasty products, with or without particulates. Covering a wide range of filling styles, countless customized and tailor-made design possibilities are available to satisfy specific requests.