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Main Financial Data 2019


Main Data: 30/06 Year 2019
Consolidated income statement (international practice in accordance with IAS/IFRS) Millions/Euro
– total revenue 694.1
– industrial gross profit 242.4
– total operating cost 186.6
– operating profit 55.8
– net financial expense 12.4
– profit attributable to equity holders of the parent 31.1


Consolidated balance sheet Millions/Euro
– working capital 108.5
– non-current assets 812.5
– provision for severance indemnities and other provisions -136.4
– net debt -423.5
– equity pertaining to the group and minority interests 361.1


Other information Millions/Euro
– depreciation and amortization 35.3
– R & D costs 27.3


Employees 5,755


Share capital 20,415,200