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Post published on 19/01/2022

OPENLab: a sharing space for value network enforcement and innovation.

  • On the 27th of January, from 10:30 to 12:30 am CET, the virtual meeting “Cooperation models do strengthen stakeholder engagement for the circular bio-economy” will take place: an event organised by BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE in partnership with the University of Bologna that will underline the importance of cooperation in a circular bio-economy.
  • At 11:15 am, Davide Paltrinieri, IMA/ILAPAK Group Lab Materials Manager – IMA OPENLab, will give a presentation about the OPENLab and its central role in the IMA Group’s pledge towards the research of innovative, sustainable packaging materials.


On the 27th of January, from 10:30 to 12:30 am CET, the event “How cooperation models to strengthen stakeholder engagement for the circular bio-economy” will take place. The virtual meeting is part of the BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE 2022 stakeholder event series and it is organized in partnership with the University of Bologna.

The focus of the event will be on success stories of cooperation models among companies operating in the bio-based and biodegradable plastic markets. Different forms of cooperation will be presented and discussed, ranging from associations to joint ventures, strategic partnerships, joint research and development and finally, innovative consortia dealing with the management of compostable plastic waste.

The speeches will underline how difficult for firms is to achieve circularity on their own, especially when the products are manufactured by different parties of the value chain. The transition to a circular economy, in fact, requires strong cooperation and engagement among stakeholders.

In representation of IMA at the virtual meeting there will be Davide Paltrinieri, IMA/ILAPAK Group Lab Materials Manager – IMA OPENLab, whereas further speakers who will take part in the event are from Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, NatureWorks, BIOREPACK – Consorzio Nazionale Riciclo Organico Imballaggi Bioplastica Compostabile and European Bioplastics.


27th of January – 11:15 to 11:30 am CET
Davide Paltrinieri
IMA/ILAPAK Group Lab Materials Manager – IMA OPENLab, will hold a speech entitled “OPENLab: a sharing space for value network enforcement and innovation”.
The presentation will concern IMA’s OPENLab and its central role in IMA’s pledge towards sustainability.

During the speech, it will be outlined how the laboratory dedicates to the research of innovative and greener packaging materials. At the same time, Davide Paltrinieri will examine some case histories about sustainable packages and some analysis carried out in the laboratory.


OPENLab – Bologna location (Italy)


About OPENLab: the place to share.

OPENLab is the IMA Group’s network of technological laboratories and testing area, dedicated to the research on sustainable materials, technologies and production optimisation processes.

Thanks to the implementation of the most modern digital infrastructures, together with think-tank spaces and environments dedicated to the generation of ideas and the prototyping of materials, OPENLab aims to merge studies, experimentation and industrial development activities on materials including all laboratory phases, from design to engineering of products and processes. In the Lab, it is also possible to test materials on-site, avoiding customer’s production stoppages and simulating real manufacturing conditions.

With the support of OPENLab’s team of experts – with specific background in materials, machines and packaging processes – it is possible to study and evaluate any technical failures preventing materials being used improperly on packaging machines.

In the period 2017-2021, over 3,800 film structures were analysed in the laboratory and over 400 films were tested.

It must be pointed out that OPENLab has actually 4 operational sites to support several needs and different customers. Those are located in Bologna (IT), Lugano (CH), Arezzo (IT) and Lowell (USA).

OPENLab is part of the NoP Program (No-Plastic Program), which is one of the 4 categories in which the IMA ZERO project is declined. IMA ZERO is the evolution of IMA’s commitment to Sustainable Development: its ultimate goal is minimising environmental impact in industrial manufacturing, while promoting and creating a working and living habitat that always puts people and biodiversity at the centre. As part of the NoP (No-Plastic Program), OPENLab fosters plastic-free and sustainable, compostable, biodegradable or recyclable packaging solutions. 

Examples of sustainable packaging made with OPENLab’s contribution.

OPENLab is definitely both the cornerstone of IMA’s innovation and a benchmark for sustainability.



The main aim of BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE is developing sustainable strategies and solutions for bio-based plastics, in order to support the EU-Plastic Strategy and promote circularity in the economy. It is both a research project and an intervention, which takes into account the transformations triggered by a new awareness of bio-based plastics

The BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE’s project focuses on participatory research and innovation processes, but it also takes care of innovative product design, the development of health and safety standards, end-of-life solutions as well as environmental and economic product life cycle assessments.

It can be stated that BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE’s main aim is to develop business models for the efficient reuse and recycling of bio-based biodegradable plastics, ensuring the safety of recycled materials for both the environment and the society.

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Speech: OPENLab - A sharing space for value network enforcement and innovation

Date: 27th of January 2022, 11:15 – 11:30 am

Speaker: Davide PaltrinieriIMA/ILAPAK Group Lab Materials Manager – IMA OPENLab

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