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Post published on 07/09/2023

IMA Group, through its IMA AUTOMATION division, announces entry into battery cell assembly market

IMA Group, is proud to announce its official entry into the battery cell assembly market. Leveraging its extensive experience in winding, assembling, and filling processes, the European-based newcomer aims to set new industry benchmarks with its advanced technology.

The company recognizes the crucial role of efficient battery cell assembly in meeting the evolving needs of the automotive and energy sectors. Renowned for its engineering excellence and innovation, the company is confident that its foray into the battery cell assembly market will establish new references for the industry.

IMA AUTOMATION is the segment of IMA Group composed of leading companies in the automation and assembly industries, with over 50 years of experience. With its integrated network of companies which guarantees a worldwide coverage, IMA AUTOMATION designs and manufactures advanced technology lines for handling and assembling parts for different applications fields, such as Automotive, E-Mobility, Electrical Motors.

The IMA AUTOMATION hub focuses particular attention to the sustainable side of mobility, leading in the production of innovative machines and automatic lines for the production of stators and rotors for electric motors. In fact, a dedicated segment is capable of developing an extensive range of innovations and implementations thanks to the synergy between the companies that make it up.

IMA AUTOMATION brings to the market a cutting-edge European technology that encloses the latest developments in battery cell assembly and manufacturing processes. The company’s state-of-the-art solutions are expected to enhance efficiency and productivity across the industry and its strategic approach involves a step-by-step implementation of its technology in the battery cell assembly processes. This gradual deployment ensures seamless integration and effective knowledge transfer, ultimately benefiting customers and end-users. IMA AUTOMATION has developed cutting-edge technologies such as cylindrical and prismatic assembly in its expansion into the battery market. It is also planning to incorporate cell-to-pack capabilities into its range of machines and assembly lines.

One of the main advantages IMA AUTOMATION brings to the market is assembly lines characterized by a compact design that reduces the number of machines required for battery cell assembly. The integration of various processes streamlines production, leading to enhanced cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. By focusing on process integration and optimized workflows, the company aims to deliver battery cell assembly solutions that result in reduced ownership costs for its customers. Building on its vast expertise in the automotive sector, the company will introduce novel patents and proprietary technologies, further solidifying its position as a frontrunner in this market.

With a dedicated team of specialists boasting years of experience in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, the company is poised to drive innovation and development in the battery cell assembly industry. IMA AUTOMATION’s commitment to driving innovation and delivering reliable solutions has led to the establishment of an additional manufacturing centre in the United States. The core of this state-of-the-art facility will meet the growing demands of the battery cell assembly market, enabling the company to provide unique products and service to its customers.