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IMA Smart Service Suite APP

IMA Smart Service Suite APP is the touchpoint that supports the managing of the installed base.

Through the IMA Smart Suite Suite APP, IMA customers have full access to a wide range of services, tools and indications to facilitate and simplify the production activity, speed up and improve the management of the systems, obtain a more advanced final quality of the product.

IMA Smart Service Suite APP

  • Inclusion of a number of core services in a unified application;
  • Possibility to solve problems independently;
  • Effective support for problems that cannot be solved independently;
  • Documentation accessible from a single platform, always updated;
  • Simplification of spare parts research and procurement.

Digital Features




The APP provides full access to the digital documentation system, updated and available at any time.

Inside the dedicated section you can find:

  • machine manuals;
  • electrical and pneumatic diagrams;
  • P&ID drawings and datasheets.



The APP supports and guides the operator in the various operating procedures to be performed on the system.

Inside the dedicated section you can find:

  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance;
  • Changeovers;
  • Recipe changes;
  • Cleaning & Adjustments.


Through the guided service, the user is autonomous in identifying and solving further problems on the system.

The User Guide suggests a series of operations in order to solve the malfunction and restore the production in full autonomy.



The interactive and navigable Spare Parts Catalogue allows the operator to immediately identify the spare parts and create dedicated lists.

The lists can then be exported* in an intuitive way and automatically forwarded to the competent office to facilitate the management of requests and proceed with a formal order.

* Live web connection needed


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