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IMA Remote FAT

Reducing costs and simplifying the factory acceptance tests procedures.

In the past, FAT was an activity that had to take place in the factory. But today, with the help of advanced communication technologies, FAT can also be performed remotely.

Through dedicated platforms, IMA is able to offer the opportunity to carry out the checking procedures of the plant testing without the on-site presence of the commissioning technicians. Through streaming mode, the customer actively interacts by participating in online webinars equipped with all the most advanced tools.

A live connection is activated between the IMA production plants and the customer’s technical staff connected remotely, ensuring continuity of operations.

IMA’s Project Manager and technicians will conduct the FAT onsite  (with the support of the live direction and/or a variable number of mobile cameras) while customers will be able to attend and interact the operations through streaming platforms. A wide range of real-time interaction with the IMA team involved is possible during the IMA Remote FAT.

Organizational structure


IMA Remote FAT Standard is the ideal solution to carry out Factory Acceptance Test in a smart and cost-reduction way. Standard option is based on a simplified installation of the infrastructure and minimal features, and it’s conducted by a restricted IMA team in the manufactured site.


The Premium option is the most complete and functional way to carry out a Factory Acceptance Test. This FAT version is based on a more complex structure, powered features and a dynamic live direction to allow a more immersive experience.

IMA Remote FAT
Reducing costs and simplifying the factory acceptance tests procedures


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