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IMA Remote Assistance

Remote support for production, for immediate response to emergencies.

IMA Remote Assistance is the IMA Digital service aimed to offer remote support and restore production quickly. Through the tools selected, an IMA operator will be able to promptly support the resolution of technical problems that have occurred on the machine, remotely.

IMA Remote Assistance guarantees:

  • remote support to the operator on-site in real-time;
  • immediate response to emergencies;
  • an increase of the technical assistance efficiency;
  • to record/archive solutions found for subsequent use.

IMA Remote Assistance Solutions:

  • optimal for troubleshooting
  • ideal for changeover or operating guidelines
  • excellent for system installation


For immediate remote support, ask our experts whenever you need it.
Quick-Kit is the accessible and reliable system to offer audio-video support during remote assistance procedures.

The Quick-Kit consists of an Osmo Pocket action camera installed on headphones, that allows the technician, while speaking in real-time with the remote expert, to:

  • to frame what he is directly observing,
  • to receive via audio information and guidelines


It does not matter where you are. We are always by your side.

IMA Remote Assistance via Tablet AR ready is the dynamic and interactive system that improves Augmented Reality technology to facilitate the operations development.

Through the AR-Ready Tablet solution, the operator in production is able to:

  • speak directly with the IMA remote expert;
  • share the environment;
  • capture any interesting detail.

He is also able to receive, from the remote expert graphic guidelines, digital documents and drawings.


The full power of technology through your eyes.
Hololens 2 are the premium option for Augmented Reality IMA Remote Assistance. Hololens 2 are able to combine all the benefits of the previous solutions through the use of a new generation viewer. With this new device it becomes possible to frame the surrounding environment directly by integrating elements of augmented reality (drawings, diagrams, documentation) shared by the IMA Remote expert.

IMA Remote Assistance Solutions