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Post published on 29/04/2019

"I'M An INNOVATOR": IMA launches the series of events dedicated to technological innovation

The models and business strategies have undergone a profound transformation in recent years, driven by the rapid success of new technologies.

The capacity for continuous adaptation and the predisposition to change through lifelong learning therefore becomes decisive factors to guarantee continuity, future and competitiveness.

With the intention of giving an answer to this need for change and with the objective of tracing the future of technological innovation in production and industry, IMA launches the series of internal events “I’M An INNOVATOR”.

From May 2019 and for the following months IMA will analyze and share in dedicated meetings the trends of the industrial revolution in progress, the new design methods and the possible fields of application, areas that will increasingly frame human capital as an indispensable resource within technological innovation.

During the workshops the opportunities created thanks to the latest discoveries will be explored and the characteristics of the main production models of the various geographical areas will be outlined. Examples of entrepreneurial technological innovation and ways of using enabling technologies will then be analyzed.

“Changing the change” will therefore be the common thread that will link the different themes addressed during scheduled meetings, and which aims to become for IMA the common value that can stimulate processes and dynamics of change within the production flows.