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Post published on 03/03/2020

From the Chairman’s desk

The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Europe, and in particular in Italy where a number of virus diffusion areas have been isolated, leads me to inform you about the actions taken, within the IMA Group, in defense of our customers, employees and potential visitors.

Firstly, I would like to point out that our Sites in Europe are all in full operation. Of course, we have implemented, with the most scrupulous strictness, all safety measures according to the National and European Health Authorities recommendations, in order to reduce any possibility of contagion.

Many of our products come from areas where the presence of the virus is nowadays still very limited, as for example the United States.

In particular, for our staff operating in Italy, we can provide all the necessary certifications to prove that they have not visited the “Red Areas” where the virus is highly concentrated and that they have not had any contact with affected people.

To the current state, none of our employees has contracted the virus, and no positive cases have been recorded.

Nevertheless, we have invited our employees to report immediately to a specific designated Department any symptoms, to facilitate their contact with the Health Authorities and monitor any developments.

In addition, we are constantly monitoring the situation to react appropriately in real time, giving priority to the protection of health and safety of people involved, for any reason, with the IMA Group.

The above said, and following the Health Authorities’ recommendations, IMA considers the Italian situation as suitable for continuing our production and service activities.

All goods and spare parts will undergo specific certified disinfection procedures before each shipment.

To facilitate contacts, IMA promotes the adoption of digital communication tools, and therefore invites you to use all available devices for remote communication, so to keep alive the relationship with your IMA contacts.

I asked all IMA engineers to maximize the use of all the technologies available to ease remote interventions on the machines.  

Considering the very important work we have done together in these years with mutual satisfaction, and especially to safeguard the ongoing projects, I find it useful to give you a picture of the current situation with respect to this emergency, which, in Italy, has given rise to excessive media reactions, although the competent Authorities acted with high transparency and timeliness. 

Of course, I am committed to answering any question and informing you about any development or evolution for our common interest.

Transparency is one of the distinctive characteristics of IMA, which may often have led you to choose us. It is my personal commitment to ensure that this transparency is kept even when facing difficulties like the present ones, in order to find the best solutions together.


Best regards,

The Chairman
Alberto Vacchi



Alberto Vacchi - IMA Group Chairman and CEO

From the Chairman’s desk


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