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Post published on 29/04/2021

Europe: feminine substantive
Social responsibility in a Gender Perspective

The metropolitan city of Bologna, in collaboration with Rete Capo D and with the support of the European Committee of the Regions, promotes the event ‘’Europe: feminine substantive – Social Responsibility in a Gender Perspective’’ offering institutions, companies, schools, associations and all interested individuals a unique occasion for dialogue, stimulation and comparison on practicable positive actions for equal gender opportunities and for the exchange of good practices.

For this event, experts coming from the academic and institutional world were involved who, through their interventions, helped to understand which actions and measures are being adopted on a European and national level to deal with evolutions and transformations affecting today the world of work, especially the female one, that the pandemic crisis made even more fragile and vulnerable.

IMA also contributed telling its own company experience through the words of Maria Carla Schiavina, IMA board member and reference point for gender equality within the company.

Maria Carla led the cameras in a discovery journey of the initiatives that the Group creates to promote Gender Equality in the company, like the ‘’Breaking the Glass Ceiling’’ project, a training and enhancement path addressed to female employees to increase the female presence within formalized roles of responsibility. The objective is to transmit how gender equality is for IMA a daily commitment aimed at guaranteeing equal opportunities, values, treatment and remuneration with the aim of valorizing all women and men that work in the Company.

Based on studies and researches presented by the speakers in this initiative, it is possible to have a holistic view on reality and to work together to introduce improvement actions where there are still gender inequalities and stereotypes to be countered.

The good practices that have been presented, have the aim to act as a driving force for other public and private entities that intend to cooperate to strengthen systems and contribute together to a common strategy of social responsibility in a gender perspective.

The program composes a wide-raging picture on issues that concern future and changes that are waiting for us, because it is through today’s actions that we shape the future.

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