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Post published on 08/11/2019

IMA: a solid bridge between education and business.

IMA plays an important role in the area in the support and development of educational institutions in the region.

Our organizational development office continuously cooperates with secondary technical institutes and with various technical and engineering faculties of several universities to bring the training realities closer to our Group.

The relationships between companies and education is often complex and articulated, but it represents a land full of opportunities and important challenges that requires a great commitment in terms of renovation and transformation that we articulate through different channels.

With the secondary technical institutes, we take active part in the Schools’ Educational Technical Committees and we participate in the supply of laboratories equipment. Also, every year we welcome over 100 trainee inside the school-workalternation project to ensure a smooth transition for young people from the world of education to the world of work. We promote our reality scheduling company visits, technical lectures and support from our HR office in structuring the CV and in analyzing the correct modality to face a job interview.

The presence of the Group within faculties, especially with an engineering nature, is structured through participation at the address Councils for the drafting and definition of study plans for new degree courses created in response to the work needs of the territory and with lectures and laboratories held by IMA technicians in-house or at the university.

Moreover, the relation is enriched even more through company’s visits and workshop and the reception of a large number of trainees for theses and internships.

These activities allow, on one side, to get to know interesting to be included in the company, on the other side they offer young people a wide visibility in the world of work and precious guidance opportunities.

Our mission is to promote in our territory a qualified system of technical know-how, extremely powerful amplifier and a solid glue for the development of the entire Packaging Valley.


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