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IMA PHARMA: Technology and Expertise where it matters • CIPM 2017

Explore and get a glimpse of the largest product portfolio available in the industry today. Talk to just one supplier for all your requirements. Come and join us at CIPM, 06 - 08 November 2017, Changsha, China, Booth E1-23.

Born to satisfy any your request, at high speed.

The line’s innovative design, in terms of both structure and functional detail, has been developed keeping in mind the market request. C80HS Series, double-lane blister machine, not only has high production but also has the advantage of being extremely efficient: even if the downstream machine stops the rejection is minimum thanks to the blister recovery magazine.

Last but not least, a complete accessibility in the connection area is guaranteed.

Beyond the limit of the maximum flexibility.

Flexibility as key feature: this Series offers the widest range of products to be packed, carton dimension range and applications. Moreover, DYNAMICA S version is able to combine both the continuous and the intermittent motion depending on the product fed.

The ergonomics, in terms of carton magazine, product flow and leaflet folding unit heights, is maximum. Last but not least, DYNAMICA is also compact but at the same time easy to manage and intuitive to set up.


A combination of IMA Active’s technological expertise and understanding of industry requirements, PRACTICA guarantees high reliability in processing granules, powder or pellets.


Hermetic sealing flow wrapper for mid-high speed range. Flow wrapping solution designed for Pharma applications fully integrated into IMA lines with high efficiency and minimum waste of materials.

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