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Blister packaging machine with integrated cartoner

If your production requires: high productivity, maximum efficiency, state of the art technology, and a rapid return on investments, the C80HS Series is for you.

If your production requires: high productivity, maximum efficiency, state of the art technology, and a rapid return on investments, the C80HS Series is for you.

Born to satisfy any your request, at high speed

The line’s innovative design, in terms of both structure and functional detail, has been developed keeping in mind the market request. C80HS Series, double-lane blister machine, not only has high production but also has the advantage of being extremely efficient: even if the downstream machine stops the rejection is minimum thanks to the blister recovery magazine.

Last but not least, a complete accessibility in the connection area is guaranteed.



The IMA machines are designed so that the production process involves minimal environmental impact:

  • energy consumption is reduced to a minimum,
  • the waste materials are minimized,
  • compatibility with the use of recycled materials.
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C80HS Highlights

Complete accessibility also in the connection between blister machine and cartoner.
Modularity: possibility to integrate the C80HS with different cartoners.
Innovative cutting unit: blister rejected with a different shape from the good one.
Positive blister transfer completely independent from the blister shape.
Automatic blister recovery magazine: ZERO rejection into the cartoner due to missing blisters.
Easy forming materials loading thanks to the ergonomic position of the reel holder.
Quick and easy size changeover.
C80HS is a high-speed machine that can be integrated with different cartoners (up to 500 cartons/minute) keeping both the maximum visibility of blisters throughout the entire process and the maximum accessibility for the operator.


The C80HS Series includes the following configurations:

·        C80HS-A96 – 700 blisters and 500 cartons/minute

·        C80HS-A86 – 700 blisters and 350 cartons/minute

·        C80HS-A76 – 700 blisters and 250 cartons/minute

·        C80HSA Stand Alone – 750 blisters

The C80HSA can be easily connected to any other downstream packaging machine such us cartoner, wallet packer, flowpacker or end-of-line, in order to satisfy any production needs.


C80HS Thumbnail
  • Technical Data
  • Machine Layout
  Blister dimensions Cartons dimensions
Width 30-90 mm 35-95 mm
Length 60-145 mm 70-150 mm
Depth / height 3-12 mm 15-90 (105) mm
Production output
Model C80HSA C80HS-A76 C80HS-A86 C80HS-A96
Blisters up to 750 blisters/min.
Cartons up to 250 cartons/min. up to 350 cartons/min. up to 500 cartons/min.
C80HS Layout

C80HS Gallery

Pre-heating and forming area
Feeding area
Sealing area
Coding and perforation area
Cutting unit and positive transfer
Carton pick-up and opening
Carton magazine
Rear view