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Post published on 08/03/2022

Always in the spotlight: IMA Gender Equality.

The journey continues and today we want to confirm, once again, our commitment for a sustainable gender equality in our company.

The educational path that has been active since 2013 with the goal of giving visibility to equal opportunities and the development of female professionalism within the Group.

Over the years, other important parallel projects arose in the classrooms activities of IMA Mainstreaming. These projects include the Council for Equality, the distribution of a Vademecum providing the course contents to the whole company population, the update of the Code of Ethics, the evolution towards equality in terms of selection and reintegration processes upon returning from maternity leave, until the recent “Breaking the Glass Ceiling”, which saw the promotion and growth of 20 women in important visibility roles.

“Breaking the Glass Ceiling’’ project is a training and enhancement path addressed to female employees to increase the female presence within formalized roles of responsibility. The objective is to transmit how gender equality is for IMA a daily commitment aimed at guaranteeing equal opportunities, values, treatment and remuneration with the aim of valorizing all women and men that work in the Company.



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