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Post published on 23/01/2023

Alberto Vacchi receives an honorary degree from the University of Bologna

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IMA has received an honorary degree in Management Engineering during a ceremony held in the Aula Magna Santa Lucia

On 20 January, in the Aula Magna Santa Lucia, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IMA Alberto Vacchi received an honorary degree in Management Engineering from the Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna.

After greetings from the Rector Giovanni Molari, Professor Federico Munari delivered the Laudatio; he was followed by the Director of the Department of Industrial Engineering – DIN, Professor Alfredo Liverani, and the Director of the Department of Business Sciences – DISA, Professor Angelo Paletta, who explained the motivations for approving the proposal made by their Departments.

The management model of the companies and institutional activities that Alberto Vacchi has always dealt with is based on various pillars that represent the topics that characterise the training course in Management Engineering, namely attention to manufacturing excellence and integrated defence of the industrial and digital technologies involved; an orientation towards technological and business innovation; the ability to design and manage supply and value chains with an advanced approach, following a logic of common growth and sustainability; putting people first in all company processes and in paths of technological change.

As explained in the motivations, a significant part of this management model rests on the will and ability to create forms of structural collaboration between industry and academia, between school and work.

Alberto Vacchi has, in fact, promoted many successful collaborations between the University of Bologna and the IMA Group. These are the result of sharing common interests in matters of research and innovation, funding research grants and doctorates, participating in research projects and innovation at both a national and European level, involving numerous students from the Alma Mater in curricular internships, who then prepared their theses while at IMA Group companies.

After receiving his degree scroll, Alberto Vacchi delivered a lectio magistralis on “The pillars of management of the IMA system.  An inside view”.

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