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Thank to the widest possible range of processing and packaging solutions, IMA is able to supply turnkey solutions according to your specific requirements.

Go and select the product you wish to process and the packaging style, and have a look at our solutions at each level of the processing and packaging line.

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Petroncini TTG 60
Petroncini TTG 60
Designed to respond to small scale industrial roasters, the TTG 60 is meant for those who don’t want to give up the pleasure of manually roasting their own coffee. Easy to use, reliable and cost-effective, it offers fully personalisation of the roasting profiles.
Petroncini TT Roasters
Petroncini TT Roasters
From 25 up to 400 kg per batch, TT Roasters have a compact and reliable design. The air convection technologies allow a perfect coffee roasting control, optimizing the thermal efficiency and the flavour development.
Drum Roasting Technology
Petroncini Specialty Roasters
Petroncini Specialty Roasters
TT 5/10 and TT15/20 Specialty Roasters enable the roast master to succeed in achieving countless sensory profiles, developing the coffee’s deepest aromas, from light roasting to the very darkest.
High technology for Micro Roasteries
Petroncini R&D Lab Roasters
Petroncini R&D Lab Roasters
TMR 25 is the exactly scale down of Industrial TMR models. It has been created for R&D purposes and lab activities.
LAB roaster with unlimited performances
Petroncini TMR Roasters
Petroncini TMR Roasters
Modular roasters feature an external heat generation unit which allows superior productivity and layout flexibility. This model can roast up to 720 kg per cycle and include an innovative energy-saving system.
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Roasted Coffee Weighing and Blending
Roasted Coffee Weighing and Blending
Weighing system for the highest precise blend dosing and drum horizontal mixers with dust-tightness by way of suction, avoiding product contamination and keeping the working area clean.
LINE-S Cone Valve high recipes accuracy preserving the product
Roasted Coffee Storaging
Roasted Coffee Storaging
Squared, polygonal or circular silos for small and big capacity equipped with fall shock absorbers and multidischarge systems for the maximum product preservation with easy access and cleaning.
Maximum preservation of the coffee beans
Roasted Coffee Handling and Conveying
Roasted Coffee Handling and Conveying
In the whole coffee processing, the roasted coffee handling and conveying systems represent very important steps to ensure the preservation of the product and its quality.
Gentle conveying of the roasted coffee
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