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VERTICARE: the way we do it vertically.

The new VERTICARE will amaze you with the unmatched technology and flexibility.

Post published on 19/10/2018

VERTICARE: take care of your product, beyond compare.

Trends are essential in every field or market. They do not occur by accident, but arise from careful observation, innumerable surveys and detailed analysis.

VERTICARE has been purposely designed and tailor made for the cosmetics market and one of our goals is to meet with our customer’s new ideas and concepts in a rational and efficient way, as well as with the purpose of saving space.
The new IMA Safe VERTICARE is equipped with some innovative devices for a smooth and gentle processing of even highly sensitive products, such as high gloss cartons. Its high flexibility allows to package many and different kind of products such as perfumes, cream jars and lotion bottles having irregular shapes as well.

Combining an eye-level material workflow along with a complete accessibility from both sides, VERTICARE is able to reach a higher speed (up to 120 carton/minute) thanks to two robotic heads made by IMA, and also provides the option to run either with intermittent or continuous motion, depending on the products to be handled. Product care and fast-size changeover are among the most appreciated features of our cartoner.

Last but not least, the total absence of chains allows the machine to run without lubrication and ensures very low noise levels. Moreover, it is highly ergonomic for the operator, in perfect accordance with GMP standards.
VERTICARE is definitively the top of the range machine in the cosmetic market.  

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