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Prexima 300 wins the Pharma Innovation Awards from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Three years after its official market launch, Prexima 300 wins the Pharma Innovation Awards.

Post published on 27/08/2018

Prexima 300 wins the Pharma Innovation Awards.

68 machines sold, most of them repeated orders, new projects every day. These are the numbers of Prexima, IMA Active’s series of tablet press machines launched on the market on August 2015. Three years after its official presentation, Prexima 300 wins the Pharma Innovation Awards from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. This prize recognizes technologies contributing to advancements in risk reduction, product quality improvement and manufacturing efficiency. Ultimately, a celebration of the behind-the-scenes, often unsung progress that contributes to patient wellness.

Powered by IMA’s knowledge of the sector, designed with unique Italian style, built to deliver top-level performance, Prexima is the best solution to handle all production volumes. Prexima ensures complete separation between processing and mechanical areas thanks to the use of purposely designed seals and protections. Along with this feature, the design also provides great accessibility.

The processing area is fully accessible once the external doors are opened, while access to the machine basement is required only for maintenance. The Prexima’s compression support is based on robust columns linked together by strong cast iron structures. This exceptionally sturdy structure – an essential requirement for high quality tablets – guarantees both pre-compression and main compression forces up to 100 kN with maximum reliability.

Andrea Semprini Cesari, IMA Active VicePresident, states:

“I’m proud of this acknowledgment because it confirms IMA Active as a major player in this market segment. To support the launch of the new series of tablet press machines, we made important investments by creating a department inside IMA Active division specifically dedicated to this sector. The so-called “Tablet Academy” was created to better satisfy the needs of our customers all over the world. Everything we gained over years of experience and expertise in this field has been carefully channelled into our range of tablet presses, confirming our ability to anticipate the future and our commitment towards innovation”.

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