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Post published on 30/11/2022

Fine Foods and IMA in the Pharmaceutical market

Digital technologies multiply business opportunities and support sustainable packaging solutions which protects your products and the environment.

IMA Safe offers complete primary and secondary packaging lines to the pharmaceutical and extra-pharma industries. In 1976 IMA started manufacturing automatic machines for the packaging of pharmaceutical products by launching the first monobloc blister packaging machine. Today IMA Safe Division benefits from this valuable heritage by looking to future technologies and preserving the environment by using sustainable packaging materials.

Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals N.T.M. S.p.A., listed on Borsa Italiana’s Euronext STAR Milan is an Italian independent CDMO that develops and manufactures contract products for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics, biocides and medical devices industries. Founded in 1984, Fine Foods proved to be a reliable and capable strategic partner for customers in the reference sectors. The company’s organisation can provide successful design process and solid, long-term partnerships.

The continuous search for excellence is part of the company’s business model and includes research and development, innovation, process reliability, product quality, ESG, and sustainable management of the Group’s supply chain. Fine Foods is a benefit corporation which relies on certifications and ratings under international standards. These guarantee its sustainability commitment across the business. Fine Foods is a growing and future-oriented company.

The relationship between Fine Foods and IMA began in 2005 and the two companies have been close partners since 2017. Since then, there has been a constant and conscious exchange that allowed both to grow. Dialogue is an important strength for both as it allowed them to develop the technologies that the market needs. This consolidated knowledge of technologies blended with a market mastery could only lead to a winning partnership.

The constant dialogue raises the learning curve, significantly reduces training time, and benefits production time.

During the installation and start-up of the new machines, IMA supported Fine Foods in delivering comprehensive and effective training sessions for maintenance personnel and operators.

A wide range of IMA machines is running at Fine Foods production sites. Among these are the stand-alone medium-speed cartoners such as A83 and X1, Sensitive AP400 3T labellers or side loading case packers as CP18. The Track&Trace equipped Blister line C40-A86-Sensitive AP400 3T-CP18, for complete packaging of solid blistered products into cartons, which are labelled and collected into cases, ready for shipment.

IMA machines are designed to be efficient and more sustainable according to IMA Zero project, with the goal of minimising environmental impact in industrial manufacturing. Often, packaging materials are wasted because of production stops due to changeovers or reel replacement. IMA experts study and design machines to drastically reduce this waste, redesigning parts to ensure a wider range of materials workability. The less waste, the more efficiency, and greater sustainability.

Based on its business model, Fine Foods chose IMA SAFE machines for their reliability, performance, simplicity, immediacy and quick changeover abilities. Fine Foods appreciates IMA SAFE’s after-sales service quality, its quick response to calls, assistance reliability, cooperation in analysing problems and finding solutions, availability of spare parts, on-site technician expertise and availability of additional training sessions.

Also with this established partnership Fine Foods became one of the most innovative, sustainable and high-performing companies in its sector.

The machine quality and post-sales assistance have been instrumental in developing and consolidating a 15-year partnership between Fine Foods and IMA that is destined to last.


C40 – Blister packaging machine Sensitive AP400 3T – Labelling machine for cartons



CP18 – Side loading case packing machine X1 – Intermittent motion cartoner A83 – Intermittent motion cartoner

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